Thursday, February 14, 2013


I have to be more couragious than what I am doing now and be bolder while it is still early,funding and expenses is a question mark and needed but,.....what am I to do iam broke and have to to somehow provide what I have too domost of the time ..AHHHH!  things will be good .I can see my G-son driving around in wondeful looking expensive auto mobile and my Maria living in   a great BIG house...


 I feel like I am losing control of this music entertainment,i have been running around and talking to others about this .getting into all the sites I can get into.Angel investors,sponsors and they don't to eiother pay attention to what I have or not seeing the big picture .I am practically at the end of my rope and no where to go .People that I talk to or companies are all looking for some thing $$$ for them to help me or even just to introduce the product....or get someone to take a look at it...the introduction must go on till I get this music project going ...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

not yet

Oh well ,.....not having new opportunities in my music entertainment.....hoping soon enough ,someone will notice the importance of my INSTRUOKE ...Been talking to a lot of people about the entertainment nobody seems interested in my project .I really do need that software and my own sound system for introduction but then again ,....I will need that capital .It will get here.