Wednesday, September 30, 2009


All day,Brainstorming on who I need to talk and will understand and will see the potential of what I have.It's all I been doing .Who to talk to.I have in my list.The director of New London Hygienic arts and music ,The owner of Caruso music store,Bar and Restaurants owners.The owner of Ron's guitar,The manager and owner of Neffs production...I narrowed it down to Barbara Neff of the production.She has all the expertise,marketing ,the production itself,the settings,instruments and components,the know how and the access to the town; she is in-charge of the towns entertainment and the right person to talk to.The only thing I need to do is get my self to talk to her and make the appointment and get my self ready to do the presentation.How to present my creation....I have to write it all down and memorized,....not really,....Just the things I have to say to get her interested in my creation.It would be better if I have have everything I need for the presentation to make it more interesting.I have to make this happen if I want what I am looking for....Visualize.I want this more than anything.I have to ZERO in.............................

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Woke up brain storming on what I need to do with these product of mine.I need to get it out.I actually know what to do but I can't get my self to get it going .I know I can use more components and the sound system for it to be more interesting to listen and look at but I don't have the resource yet.....My computer is not even cooperating with meI need more confidence that I can do this .If I want my inheritance ,..... I should be able to do. this. I am thinking that it's still incomplete and I need more of the instruments I need and the sound system .

Monday, September 28, 2009

lost day

Yap ,...another lost day.I need to get out of this and do my share of advancement and do work. Show my product.I made it to the job labor. I can work and go to school at the same time .Culinary school?I'm finding all these angel guitar ...I like it... a gift.BUT ! He said to put your heart and mind to rest,.....and I do....have to stop laziness and move more ,no excuses ...I need my freedom though to move freely,don't have confidence with out it...HELP will come .No worry....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

the best

The best is yet to come........
Just working and searching around the clock and hoping I'll get what I am looking for .I have all these songs ready to go but no place to go to.I have to practically beg these bar owners to look at my creation and try it out on their premises and with no pay.Just to give me a chance on trying it out on their restaurant or bar and the promise of boosting their sales ?What I need is a chance to do this .I only have my guitar and a left over songs that I made .I guess,...My songs are now having glitz because of the computer virus .It works but have to click twice or more to be able to go where I want to go.I 'll have to wait till I get my new PC and more equipment to show my creation.It is very hard to show something when it is incomplete.....I am so impatient and I know it is wrong ....I am so bored of doing nothing and sitting around at home.I feel much better.I think I am ready to go back to work but there's nothing out there for me.I have to be in a food serving industry to present my creation.

Friday, September 25, 2009

All over

Been running around like a lunatic looking for places I can introduce my music ???Looking for place in all the wrong places.I have been singing all Beatles music and started all over again and enjoying it.I have been checking this Beatles rock band game and it is just like Guitar hero ,the format is the same.I know I have a chance on this creation of mine .It is like introducing a talent show specializing on just singing and instruments.I am going to start sending out letters the appropriate people again and see what happen.I went to one of the radio here in town with of them calling or e-mailing me and never heard from them,somehow I was glad they did not get in touch with me because right after I was in the Q105 radio station and trying to register for the talent contest .I woke up the following with Bells Palcy.Again ,....what's the odds huh ..So here I am again like I said ,....start all over.I can't make any more song because my PC died and can't upload any song I did ...I have 3 christian songs of mine ,3 Beatles songs with original soundtrack and 16 selection of classic rock and roll with my guitar and voice ? and some original soundtrack .I guess I t is good enough to start with ..Like my angel guitar?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Beatles

I think I am starting all ever again with these Beatles music now that another game of The Beatles rock band surface in the market.I'll just keep playing it till I or till they get tired of it.I have all these music of the Beatles,....I can spend all day playing their music alone and never run out and I will stick with it for a while..NOW ! My very first priority is to get new equipment for my work.You like my new found unusual guitar picture ?Have to find a way to get this project out..........

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


YEY ! ,...I guess it is final I can go back even if it is just part time .I can go around showing my work and see if they approve

Monday, September 21, 2009


That is a job I would not mind having ,.....I was telling every one I am changing career and find a job as a musician I meant it as a worker around music he he he.....anything about music could be consider a musician huh? It's time for to get back to work.I need to find the wealth I am looking for .This being broke is not really working for my personality.Just did not have a choice about the situation.I don't trust my self and I don't have my usual confidence when I don't have much to offer.I can't even approach anyone.I am not use of this thing with no action and have no voice.I thought maybe I 'll start with bar/restaurants jobs of any kind,...part time .Anything as long as I can get out of the house.I'll only have to work partially so they won't take away my income from my disability..I need that while I do all this medical activities of mine..I'll start introducing the music project while I am there and offer the entertainment.....
I N S T R U OKE !!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

crashed and virus

Bili na po kayo ng GITARA............All Instruments soon to come +
Sound System He,he,he.....what is the odds on that huh ?...... desk top crashed and lap top caught virus almost the same time.Glad I can still use it for the internet and play music.It won't take anymore download or sometimes it will just die.Just lucky that I am still writing this ...I can do this but I won't be able to do anymore of my work but just read the email and play music and use this as regular speech therapy notebook and CD/DVD player.I met with the Atty.and we are just going to put protection in my works and put the dates when it started.I don't have the funding to put an application for the patent,I just want proof, I was the first one to come up with it...He will answer to all the question they might have about the product both Gifts and Instruoke.My lap top now I know,can't attach any uploads at all. It won't open any programs from the documents or any kind of attachment.......It's good I can still put images ....I was lucky enough to be able to upload one song and posted to Facebook before it died this afternoon .I least I manage to show a single song to some of my family.I was so proud of that creation of mine ...........For now,.... I would like to ba able to start again with the Beatles music There is a lot of favorites and hits of the Beatles that has not been played at all for the last 20 years and get it out there again for the young ones to hear and learn.The only ones they know are the ones they hear on the radio,very few.There's hundreds of them...I'll try to get it out even if it is my own version,they don't like it ,......GO HOME ! he he he he he..............I manage to put a video bar on the side ....Featuring The Beatles ....Get Back and George Harrison's Something + the PSP's new game "The Beatles Rock Band".........check it out.........


All my troubles seems so far away,he,he....I ws able to upload the second christian song through Facebook.It took me a whole 3 hours to upload a 1 minute song .I know what the problem was the whole time ,...old computer.But I insisted on doing it so ,....naawa yata and it worked .It took me a while but it happened ...........I don't know if they like and I really don't care as long as I am happy and satisfied with my work .......I am good.At least I have one posted for all to see how it work and my Gratitude song for the The Most High.......It has a video on the background now .I am so happy with the outcome and means I can do it always now with new songs or any songs.Now! All I need is the freedom and all that comes along with it so I can start with the showing of the INSTRUOKE.I have a meeting with my Patent too to look at the finish product.I have to start hanging out in bars to show and maybe look for work to start with. I will be guided for sure.....
I am waiting for that favor.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I am so pleased with these new creation of mine It got me to play more and admire my self he,he...I did this huh ?ME ! created this .....It took me a while. I can't get it right and almost lost the whole 3 songs because ,I think it finally crashed.I took me up to six times to get it right .It turns off on you now .It did twice today and need to be rested...Hoping it will start the next time I turn it on..I wish I can show it off but my pc won't let me unless I send it out in CD' regular mail,the old fashion way.I know exactly what to do when I get new PC's.Approach these business owners of local bars and restaurants+ the music storesI have to go out there and show the gadget with instrument and sound system.It's best,.... because it will work better.Show them in detail.Working on it.So ! I've been playing guitar the whole day already and very happy about this whole thing Now ! We are just waiting for the Freedom......we are good to go...I am so excited ,I need to prepare speeches on how to sell it.He 's the first and last......singing...............He looks so peaceful sitting there.He's mind is on me....He is the background picture for My Christian song MY3.......

Thursday, September 17, 2009

All I do again

Let's see if we can do this ,I was playing with the Instruoke program and I try to improve the quality to make a little interesting and see if I can upload a new and improve,... All I do today.This program has been sitting in front of my face the whole time and not see it.I was to busy minding my daughters affair and my medical that I am not really working on the program but just writing favorites songs and now trying to make christian songs on my own.I paid separately for this program and never got to use it ,that was the time of Tony's going away.I will start concentrating on this again.I can't get it uploaded though....


Yes ,..I trust and believe This is a song of mine that turned to one to one that came to me during my darkest hours I have been trying to upload this song since yesterday thinking since I just uploaded the Operating system because it crashed ....again,.... that maybe it would do it and go through.But I do believe in the Most High and know that He will provide with that FREEDOM that I am looking for.I was able to bring back the songs I have in the computer.I have to start all over again but it's only minor compare to what I have to re -record all the songs I had in here.Glad I got smarter and did back up of all my files.I think that was the fourth time I lost all my documents.Now I am back in session.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

morning song

I have been trying to upload this song .My 2nd song ...A very short song but lots of play.This is how it work,...... Read and play your guitarJust follow the chords and make music.
This is a sample of my instruoke project I have been working on this project for quite a own song ,...a gratitude song forThe Most High..........................................PLAY w/No sound ............It sounds so good I think,... and lots of jamming....

Monday, September 14, 2009

a gift

My angel jamming and playing guitar .It looks very inspiring.I call this song My gratitude song for The Most Blessed Trinity for every thing that he has done for me.I really do think it is a gift from Most Blessed Trinity that I am able to do this.The Holy Spirit is guiding me .I put together all this words I see and read .Pick out the right words .I have this melody in my head and just record with my camera. I have my self a new song as I mentioned earlier.It's the song I have playing and singing and I can't get it out of my mind.I call the song MY3 Now If I can get this music out in the open .I have to wait till I have my new PC to get this going.I managed to make one Instruoke song "My3" that I am now using in my lap top.I am now working on the second one, All I do today....a short song with lots of jam .sounds different every time I play it.I am trying borrow my brother Rey's camcorder so I can records the new songs and try to put it in you tube but just the words moving .I'll see if I can upload it ib another site for new original song competition.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


INSTRUOKE . It's a made up word ,to me,.. it means singing with instrument and with group of people participating....Like Karaoke but with instruments this time.I have been trying to put this together for the longest time .I can't seem to put the funding together to have a better program and I am not really savvy when it comes to computer +I am using very low technology.I just have the talent and know how ?I have songs that is already complete .It needs enhancement but they will get the idea.but if I can get the components that i need ,it will be easier to introduceI was able to make 3 songs while I am in my bed of recovery.I got so lazy from doing anything. I did not want to move unless I have Dr.'s appointment.I can't move around too because of lack of funding .Time is not working with me right now but we'll get there.In the meantime I am training for something that I can feel.I've been getting these misfortune in my body for a reason.I had bells falcy.It's all better now except the numbness on the left side my face but I think I am speaking better too .I just have to keep up with my speech therapy.My problem is my voice period.......I can't sing.The injuries did the best of it .Ayaw akong pakantahin,masyadong magaling The best that I am hoping for now is to get my self the sponsor and the funding for Instruoke.I cant do much right now but wait and recuperate.Feel better and stronger.Hope to have all this medical activities finish and get my self the inheritance I am looking for.This song I am working on now ,...MY3 a happy song if I can get it right.A christian song .This so called friend of mine is helping me by correcting the words,She changed some of the words for my Trust,Believe and MY3.I just hope she is using it .Of course I want to hear my songs and how it sound.I can't even send her the audio,that's how low my technology is.I am sure if she hear the way I sing it,even if I am just reading or humming,... she might use it .I want to get started with these Beatles trend and start introducing all the oldies songs I know and have them hear them all over again The are only playing very selective songs and they have hundreds of beautiful songs and I know how to play at least 60% of their music and I don't how to introduce the music and where to start .I know I am not ready to play in public.I can't even speak right ,let alone sing.....MONEY ! Sorry to mention this again but that is the only way I can get this project out.Anyway,.... lets go back to my song writing .the first song happen while I was going through with this difficulty with Maria and then a song was born ,the second was just going through things and my Ate Fe said the words of All I do today.The 3rd one is just words that I read and put together .I am hoping I can make more but,...I'll know that my3 will take me there and will guide if it's my calling. Geez!!! I am this young and I am looking for my calling still.He said I will get the guidance that I need.If not then I have 3 songs that I like very much that I made my self...and it is mine,mine,mine!!!!! Wait till I get these misfortune of mine finished and it will come out naturally.I can't even open my mouth now because of this little test.