Wednesday, June 23, 2010

nonan-anano-nanon -onana-anona

Have not been around to take care of things .I'm trying,.. have not have much time to go around because transportation factor.Kind'a hard to run around carrying guitar and my laptop and a keyboard with out a car.... I need good sound system to start ...will be much better to show the project around ?? I have not have a chance to do new song lately either...My bro Ernie shared with me the word's my father use in prayers in Latin ...........
my inheritance .
Hey !! this could be the ticket I am looking for and with My3 it would pass.............not losing the FAITH...
... that your unspoken prayers will be answered. Yes, God knows you, God hears you, God loves you, God is there for you. You are blessed. ......
and these are his words.
I have my answers .All I need is the patience and start working .

Saturday, June 12, 2010

still waiting

I am not worried .They will call.I had built it and they will come , play and sing I am not losing FAITH....My LORD of perfect timing is doing HIS miracle in due time .I started uploading songs again finally.I just got done uploading "anytime at all"It is working now and all I need is more Beatles songs.I know ....I'll call my brother and ask if I can borrow some of his album to download in my PC.......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yes I am waiting for that special call that will say ,...................."YOU'RE IN"and we can start doing your INSTRUOKE on a certain day .I was talking to the Manager of the that Establishment and he said he called some of his musician friends to start with and waiting for their call so we can have enough people in there that would be able to play and to have enough people who knows music to make it more interesting and would participate ...........still looking for others and trying to distribute my cards and with resume now for work of any kind .Need to find a money making scheme or WORK.I have an advert for my apartment too now for rent now that my niece is moving out which is next month..............I am now working again on more Beatles music now that I have it working.I started with ,.... Anytime at all....................

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am back !!!

I think I finally got this thing going and will be able to get back to doing my project.The Beatles INSTRUOKE sing & play along guitar tutorial series.It has been a while and I did not know what to do ...I approached one of the establishment downtown and shown my project and he seems to be interested and was asking questions.Hoping he will give me a spot in his place .I have to find myself something to do and make a few $$ to start with or I will end up playing in the pier if I need to.....FAITH.....I have lots of that ....I need lots and lots of guidance and I believe this was put in my heart and need to work on it .I want to make sure my daughter will be protected when freedom comes back. My3 is behind me a million % and just waiting for me to make my move.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Woke up raining and it should be all day.The way I see it,.... I'll go see my daughter anyway if I am given a chance.I am hoping my brother will come get or even just pick me up so I can use his ride....this is so hard ,....the asking the favor part....Let's get back to music entertainment .....I can't even get the program now ,something is still wrong with this won't upload anything and and the media player is not playing properly or not playing most of the audio I have....I have all this songs lined up and can't do it ...........not yet anyway....I'll fix it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

door to door

I finally made it out today but I think I got my self out to late ,it's after lunch almost when I got downtown because of course I was walking.Called one of my friends to hang out with me for a while at the pier to catch some ray anyway.I was able to make an appointment for a demo.I am happy I got myself an appointment to show my creation.We'll see what happen first.I was running around downtown carrying my laptop that no one sees. I get to see the Manager of the Roadhouse Cafe at 2pm on Friday the 4th.I'll be happy just to be able to show the project.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Been gone for a long time.My plate is so full it is overwhelming.Funding is low and everything is not in the same page.Anyway it is a another day and will start over again.Been incapacitated for more than a month because of pc trouble.My goal NOW is to put together a music entertainment.I am ready. I can do this .Have to do it .I have to show my gifts and share specially the music gadget.+ the fact that you can play a little.I feel like I have been making all this excuses .I had stop uploading and making the instruoke songs ,lost music program ,...actually; still is.I need to ....AGAIN!
to introduce this music entertainment + I am targeting making all the $ I can to provide for others specially me & my loved ones.I am waiting for guidance always and that's is all I know.I have to get this going and start taking control of my so called LIFE.I need a kick in the freaking ass. I am so m@#$%^&*()_broke and I am not doing anything about it...don't have a ride either .Not complaining ... just telling a story... EVERYTHING WILL BE OK ! One thing I learned is ........THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I am glad I am able to do that now and not have a panic attack.GOD is so GOOD.I can even heal my self now a days .....very Grateful and Thankful......It's time to collect my inheritance. NOW this is how it will go ....I am looking to introduce this music entertainment and I can use your assistance,... I am at the end of my rope I can use use the help and in return we can be rewarded very handsomely SHOW ! Flaunt what you have and share your gift.Even if it is not the actual gift but the creativity that came with it......The Gift.