Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday all day

Been trying to get this internet going for almost 2 weeks now and they are looking for all kind of credentials and lots of $$$$.we we're able to get it into my nieces account but now they want my landlord to call them personally for verification of her residence.In the mean time I just stay home and get my self to practice my keyboard.This is all I can do for now till I get my self more components to show around .I have been to talking to some college student to maybe help me with my music project.I have to show it around somehow with no expenses .Some are musicians and some are computers geeks ,This is the only way that I can get this thing going with no $$$$$ involved or going out and hanging out in bars.every thing will be OK...all my activities are all on hold because of this no Internet business.I try to e-mail the guy from Hygienic arts and music and it keep bouncing ,I think he's e-mail has been changed.I'll get there ,I believe.Tomorrow I am going to New York to help my nephew move some of his stuff.I feel bad for him too.Downsizing ,That is why somehow I need to make lots of $$ to help the rest of family..They all need help and I am wishing always thtat I can help them all in any ways ..............SOON

Monday, October 26, 2009

a Monday

It's now Monday and I am still in the same boat ,.....Looking for work in all the wrong places.$ are very hard to come by.what. I have has to go a better things to take care of loved one./BUT ! everything will be OK , it is just temporary .I am waiting for that wonderful check that is coming my way. My miracle is coming .I decided that I will get my self a piece of a rock as my gratitude piece ,that every time I touch it,....I say thank you for every thing I have and to be grateful for every single things I have .That I have millions more than othersthat I was given more GIFTS than I can really think of.How fortunate I am to be able to have more than three times saved to be honest.My love one will soon get her freedom back and Freedom start for good and better things in life is coming ,a promised from the most HIGH.I am hoping I will get my internet back today with the help of a friend.I was at the casino last night to see Paul Anka .He still doing great and with a wonderful voice still,very good PR.We had dinner and play a little poker and came out ahead and went back home ...I picked up my book today .I will try to read more starting today and make myself better and educate more of myself.I am still playing around with my new keyboard and learning more .Still debating on how I am going to introduce my INSTRUOKE.I need to make a plan and get it started.I am running out of idea ,I need guidance .I really dont know what to do at this point.THINKING....................

Friday, October 23, 2009


Yes I am around,I just have to go the library for now till I get my account situated .I can hack it but I need the $$ for my daughter first.I just have to settle with what I have to do for now and sacrifice.My daughter need these $ more than me....I am still waiting and getting ready to introduce my self and my product .I really don't know what to do yet but think and plan ....I will will to make a plan of seeing people for these instruoke project...With the Help of the MOST HIGH of course...That is the only thing I know ,get guidance from the HS.What I am doing now is just practicing my new to me Keyboard and learning how to play .Hoping I'll get better with the keyboard........

Monday, October 19, 2009


I am back now from Canada,We spent 8 days with the family.Had a blast.Celebrated my birthday with the family.That was the second time and the second year. I spent my birthday there.It was so joyful and very peaceful and I was very happy to be able to spend time with my siblings and close knit family Jojo and Lizzie are so kind,generous and just plain good hearted.I went home with a new set of PC too that my Ate Fe paid for .If I have it my way,...I would have stayed longer.How I wish I get what I am looking for and be able to help them in any ways I can or financially and get in business with them They are all so smart in their own ways and business minded .I will even move over there and take my daughter with me.I know I will get my inheritance and be able to give them the gifts I wanted to share with them all and get in business with them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hard times

I have been trying to get into this blog and it won 't let me in.There's not much going on around here but sit around and eat,watch TV and sleep.I can't really move around because of the lack of funding .It depresses the living life out of me.I don't really ask anyone.It's not me.Can't wait to go home now and start looking for work and take care of my business with Maria.I need all her medical transcript to send to Illinois so they will not hold her longer.Will post more next time about the music project ,right I have none .

Monday, October 12, 2009


This is now our 3rd day in Canada and I have not done anything yet but relax.I love it so much in this Country + I am having such good time with my family.These would beour 3rd time here since last October 2008.I spent my birthday here too last year.I feel so relaxed here .It is such a blast being here.All we do is laugh and have a good time and reminisce about our childhood .I still really think I am still in my childhood mode.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I have to stop practicing for now in my new toy.I was thinking about bringing the keyboard but!....I will be punishing my self hauling it around, I am going to Canada to visit my family and they do have piano there.I will have peace and dialogue for at least a week and be with my gifts. That's only the time I have peace and quiet.I don't really have to think about anything at all but have a joyous time with my family.It's like going back to my childhood and do nothing but laugh and have a good time.Feel the LOVE in the air.It is just to bad I can't really contribute to anything but be there and that really bother me being broke .As I was waiting I 've found out that we did not have to leave till night time. Here I am all dressed up and no where to go .I got my keyboard back out and goof around.I managed to find song Together by The Intruders, old song from the sixty's.I was able to find the chords and play it for a while till I got the whole tune intact....I am still trying to get the song Trust,Believe to get sound better.I can't get my fingers to work together.I can't get to do separate things at the same time .I know it's not important ,I just want it to be my song of FAITH and believe in that song that I may say.Those words came to me during my darkest hours and managed to make it into a song with the guidance of TheHolySpirit.I am so grateful that I was given this kind of gift because that's the only way I can come up with anything HOLY or a beautiful melody like that.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my keyboard

I have been playing lots and enjoying this new toy of mine.I managed to put the rhythmn in my Trust,Believe song and experimenting on the tones and background.What sound better as background.I just can't do both hands at the same time .It's not synchronized yet .Hopefully it will
get there soon.I just get excited and rushing to learn quick.For what I learned already ,I am very grateful.The fact that it teaches you the Piano notes and translate it to guitar chords is + already and very satisfying that I am able to play a song even If I am in a crawling mode..I just have to memorized the 7 chords.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new instrument

I am really happy with this new knowledge I have found.It is really teaching me lot.It tells you all the finger formation then it will give you the chords to and all broken chords.I am very surprised that it does that.Like explaining everything to you so you understand.All I need to accomplish is to put all my chords of my songs and figure out how to record...There is gotta be a way.Stick em' up and sing he,he,he....An actual guitar assault rifle.......for the singing soldier.....

Monday, October 5, 2009


Still jamming and studying how this works the best.I'm able to play songs now with the accompaniment of the rhythm and different kind of instruments.I am really enjoying this new instrument that landed in my hand through the 3.I am learning a lot from this.I can create my own beat and my composition is now with its own rhythm and beat .I am so happy.It tells you the guitar chords too at the same time.I am stuck with the C chords and I would like to move on and study the rest of the chords and the finger formation....

Saturday, October 3, 2009


So I was doing all my running around yesterday and my feet brought me to the pawn shop with no plan of going there at all.They're expensive and I don't have the $ to spend .I look around anyway.I spotted a keyboard and the price.As little money I have in my pocket I can buy this keyboard.There's six keyboards there and it looks as good as the rest. It looks powerful and good looking + it is tutorial.The guy plugged it for me.I played a few notes and I said,....SOLD !It tells you the note it's playing and it has rhythm section and different 87 tones and loud enough for the house.The one I had was defective,...and now broken.I bought that from Ebay for $25 and only used it for two months and died .That is what I get for buying these cheap stuff.The story of my life he,he..But I am always given a Gift,...My partner knows I want to buy one to study and learn the notes and keys so at least I can say I know a little and be able to show what I am talking about.....Need it for the Project.In short; I managed to get a keyboard for the price of a couple of 2 six pack.Again a very inexpensive unit.Hopefully it will last longer .If not ,..then we buy one again .Maybe not this time....It is like,.....For meeee ??? I am still baffled why the price of that is that low.I have been using it and been jamming for almost two days now and it is very educational for me.I'll just get the pro for show later on.I don't have to wait to study now.It was provided for me...Tell me I am not blessed.So far it is good ,it's performing great and teaching me a lot.

Friday, October 2, 2009

good morning,,,,,,,,,,,

A beautiful Friday morning and nowhere to go .I will just walk and do my exercises .Make my self stronger.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still at it..........

I'll get there ,I need more push and guidance .funding would help a lot too.Not complaining,just telling a story.This is just temporary.This too shall pass..Considering things from every angle.I have to read,study and learn from this.I have to ignore those whose trying to discourage me and open my eyes.It's hard but I know it will get easier .I want to show my hidden treasures the magic of my INSTRUOKE followed by my GIFTs.I have it all planned.I should have enough songs to start with. I just don't have the right connection yet .It will all be lined up for me .I should know when I meet the people.In the meantime,I'm able to squeeze a few beatles song .Every time I have a chance .I have a rule that when I pick the guitar and not practicing ,...I will do a complete song and not stop till it's finished; Beatles or not. For speech therapy purposes...need lots of mouth exercises and stretches.I actually have to do one hour of reading out loud daily.Prayers help a lot too,.... loud praying...............LOL......