Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

Last day of 2009.....Hoping 2010 will a much better year and I will get the freedom I was promised which I know deep inside I will. Soon my dark clouds will be over and I get see my child home.All I need is to get my self a little something to make a few $ so I can get by somehow for now while I am working on this project of mine.Both of them.Then ! I will get my VICTORY...Since my GIFTS are not doing anything,....I am working on this INSTRUOKE of mine ....At least I have it on youtube now and managed to post it in my facebook page and people get to see it ??? I know they are all laughing at it because of my singing but I really don't give a flying @#$%^&*()_ of what they think.I am happy and that is what matter huh ?I have my N.Y's resolution and I am hoping for it to be followed faithfully by,.........ME.Still working on this Beatles Instruoke and with the help of MY 3, will happen and I will be guided by the only one who was there for me the whole time.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12 songs

I have now twelve songs in my belts in youtube ,I have more,...but like I said earlier I don't know if I can post it because of the original soundtrack.....I have that 3 Beatles song I want to post but afraid to to get caught and be charge of copyright infringement ika nga...Don't want either Paul or Ringo coming after me personallyhe,he,he...GEEZ that is all I need .....I will just wait for the New Years to ring in ,maybe I'll get a new idea and have all this out in the open .I have been just staying home not doing much of anything.CAN"T !.Maybe someone will see my posting and realize,....check this out ....and there ....I don't know what really is I need to do to get this out........I am staying home again today ,my car is not really in good moving condition.I have a fuel problem too....I believe that 2010 will be my year and all this dark clouds will soon be gone ......

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have now seven songs posted on youtube .I don't really know if it's going to help me in any ways. I just want to make sure I have it there for a security make sure I have proof it's mine and not something someone has stolen .I am losing my trust in my project.Seems like every one I talk to is not interested in what I have or ,it seems like they knew it already.I can't really make a lot of move around no.Funding is not really allowing me to do a lot of things now a days.Dark clouds should soon be over hopefully and things will be different.I am leaving things alone now and leave it up to him.....Everything will be OK............I believe...Anyway ,....I have more songs that I can post but has original soundtrack and I am afraid that if I post it on youtube that I can get sued because of the copyrights....I have about ten more with original soundtracks......

Friday, December 25, 2009


Yes this is what it's all about .Celebration of CHRIST.I am with the Xmas spirit but I really don't feel celebrating,....My heart is with the program and I feel the spirit ....My daughter is suffering and here I am having such a blast .I will wait till she is around and then I will have the celebration I need .Getting her freedom back is a celebration already for me but for now I will just be thankful I have my sanity and she is safe and I am able send her what she need.I will get my turn and have my celebration of my own ....I love my sibling's and all but they have they're own thing's that they have to do and they're own family to take care off and I can't really rely on them.I really would like to have my FREEDOM so I can maybe help them in any ways I can.I managed to post the Birthday song for JESUS song ....I actually just posted the song My 3, the new and improved... my Trinity ,Maybe I am doing this all wrong or it is not really good enough and I am just wasting my time thinking I have something good? Maybe it is all in my mind....For now HO -HO HO HO ..MERRY CHRISTMAS..........

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

have ur self a merry lil xmas

I am happy,... I managed to change what I had in my FB page ,video of the Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and the original INSTRUOKE ???I have been re-searching the regular Karaoke and mine looks like*@#$%@#$ looking .Anyway I was really embarrassed having put that in my page ,probably laughing at my work ,they are just family and did not say anything ....but ! don't care ...It is all fix now and I am able to have upload a much better one .I will stick to the old one for now and work more on the one with an image or a video.I have checked on it a few times and played the song and it seems OK ...I have put the one with no sound and for them to follow and play and sing along .The highlighting looks good and synchronized and just have to do your own style.
And have yourself a .....................
Merry little Christmas NOW !!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


The whole sunday goes by doing nothing but wonder what is going to happen.Nature just dropped 18 inches of snow and it is time to dig up my automobile from my driveway and make sure it will move when it's time for me to go anywhere.....I am now really,really working on my Beatles project and hoping and always hoping this will be the one........I am back, just have to take care of my daughters affair and send what is needed....Back to my music, I am done with 3 songs and hoping I will be working on more today.I know I keep saying I will but ........

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Need to work....I need to do things the winning ways and leave the negatives.I have all this plans and no action ?Playing a lot of guitar and keeping to my self getting to know me more I have chosen 12 songs that I need to do.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am trying to do all theses and it is not working I tried so many times but I don't know what is wrong with my PC but it just keep going around and around and I am thinking it has been uploading does not upload or I really don't what it is I am doing.I managed to do 4 songs and that is it.I was through youtube and checking out all the similar posting of songs there is few karaoke songe almost similar to mine and to compare to them ,...I am ashamed now to even have posted my songs compare to those ones posted ,.... They are clear,easy to understand and synchronized....+ my voice don't help.Nobody even come visit or give their comment TSK-TSK-TSK...It is that wrong but I don't care,...I can't really dwell on that ,...I am OK ...They don't freaking like it ,....too bad ! That is all I know .I am not really that savvy when it comes to computer but I am trying to get it out there.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am doing good the last 3 days by just trying to upload some of the music INSTRUOKE I made.I managed to upload some in you tube and in return I was able to transfer to face book. Have your self a Merry little Christmas and All I do today(self) w/o sound and the original Have your self a Merry little Christmas with just words and guitar chords.I was going to put Beatles music too but I don't know,... I could get in trouble for that because of the copy right.I am trying to upload one of my songs now,..MY TRINITY .I am really having difficulties with uploads .I just leave it alone after but as far I know I am doing good.I have four now I even have the song I uploaded a year ago and don't even know about it "LOVE SONG"by Elton John and Smiling by James Taylor I saw these set up in Blue Mountain when I was in Canada last Fall ,last October....exactly what I have in mind for music entertainment.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Honey Don't ...

Before I went to sleep last night, I started working on my 4th beatles song to be in my instruoke list of Beatles song .I finally made up my mind and decided to work on my Beatles list of songs to show since that Beatles rock band is booming .I thought I'll come up with some of their earlier hits to start with.Like I said I have 3 now and 4th will be Honey Don't,.. which is complete already but need to be put together..I laid around all day ,but around 4 p.m. I started humming Christmas songs and decided to do one and since I only have one anyway ,...I did Have your self a merry little Christmas and finished it ......Tell me about it .It is done and 2 kinds .One with video and original .

Friday, December 11, 2009


I think I am getting lazier and lazier .I know what I am doing ,....sitting around and again being lazy .Hey,...I am playing guitar and picking out the Good Beatles song that I can find and enjoy singing/reciting he,he,he....So far I have a list of over one hundred good songs of them and waiting......I wrote about six of them in the Instruoke program and managed to turn 3 of them to the instruoke ,I should have known better,,You won't see me ,and You can't do that with original soundtrack and words with chords....I am ......................trying to work now with my own track .As i long as I get them moving I am good to go...More patience ,more doing ,more action and I will be OK.The people that I am talking with about a new program with the computer has not come back to me when they found that I don't have the funding ...Oh well.......they're lost...... I'll find one that will help me and assist me in any ways they can ?????
They're around .I just haven't found them yet......

Monday, December 7, 2009


Seven gifts for the my gift..seventh day of December and still don't know what i need to do with my self..... I have been just screwing around with this project of mine because I am not doing anything but just sit around. .Like I said I really don't know what it is I need to do now .I know I need to get my self someone to straighten out my program and make it better.Get my self a programmer and correct my project.I know I need to show it and get peoples opinion but I don't who to go to now or who to show it to ....Most of the restaurant and bar in town are either closed already or closing ...I am trying ,..I even get to the point I am lying to myself.Looking for things that I can do. This lack of funding is not helping either.I am not complaining ,...just telling a story.Have to get my self together.My priority right now is my daughters welfare and that is number one.Hoping the beginning of the year everything is going to change for the better .Get my Maria situated and work more on my Music project and concentrate on The Beatles music


Thursday, December 3, 2009


It is the 3rd of december ,...Usually I am in Nasugbu , hometown in the Philippines and getting around to each and every house in town eating and drinking till we pass all out,,,,It is a 3 days festival and it is non stop ....You can go to any house and they will serve you and allow you to do whatever as long as you don't disrespect anyone,singing and dancing and just plain having a good time.Non stop cooking..There will be carnival and shows in the Plaza and it is wall to wall people wherever you go........Anyway ,...just reminiscing...I am so bored right now that I am not doing anything at home.....I have not even started my Instruoke Beatles music ptoject...WELL ! Actuall that is not true .I just remembered I have down loaded about four songs already but I still have to type the songs now ?????? HUH !!!! I will........

Monday, November 30, 2009

all over

Hoping I will be all over today,....looking for something I can make $ of.I was home and just got lazy all weekend with no ambition of being out there .I just studied more of my keyboard and try to play guitar,I have not started working on my Beatles instruoke music.I am working on it I have
to start.I have so much to do.I have to type the songs,make the video and synchronize,take the video again, download and transfer.It will take almost the day to make one .This is so hard with out the funding because it be so much easier to have someone make me my own program and have someone do the clerical work ...............That day !

Friday, November 27, 2009

black Friday

Survived Thanksgiving,........I just stayed home and let it pass.I really had no intention of going anywhere .I was fine,I just did not want to be bothered.I talked to my daughter,she called me and greeted me HAPPY THANKSGIVING.It is Shopping season and I can't even afford to go window shopping....Yes ! that's how poor I got this year and I know this just temporary and things will changed for the better,It is only a test...I was happy and satisfied that I talked to her ...That is all I need.I need not have to have turkey...or to be with anyone,..... I am good.I am very grateful for everything and all the friends and specially my family who is always behind me.I don't even like turkey it, can go with out.I promised to my self ,...this will the last year of my adversity and don't want to be in the same boat at the same time or even the start of 2010.I have been like this for quite a while .My daughter will be back with me some time next year and I have to prepare for her freedom and able to send her back to school and for my self to be more blessing to others with my 3's guidance.I am working on just trying to get this INSTRUOKE out but I still don't know who to approach or who to talk to...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hygienic Arts

Still working on my Beatles presentation and introducing the rest of The Beatles song.I have about 4 of them in my instruoke.I have been trying to get in touch with the Music director and maybe I can show what i have and get his professional opinion about what I have but no reply yet ...I wrote him an e-mail before summer too but he was really busy at the time preparing for downtown summer festivities and said to write him a letter again ...we'll see if he will.I was hoping he will and get a meet with me. I am brain storming on who to go now for help on this project of mine.I know I have something and have to get it out there before someone with lots of $$ get a hold of this.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

all I do today video

I will try again to have this uploaded .been trying to do this for while just so I can show you the new video for introduction.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I need to come up with the introduction on this project of mine. The How to .........I have this music program I stumbled into and made it work for me.I am using this for my speech how it work. Perform and show how it works.Can't sing my self. Let the customer sing and play with the other instruments...Let them do their thing and be the entrertainmentlike Joel said,... you have to show them your gift.
Be a barrier breaker.I am just showing my other gift.The very first one .......I have everything I need .Just not the balls,..... yet.......but I will.......l I have to do this and get things running . Can't be in the same boat even before 2010.My special gift will be out and need to protect my own specially. You see I was able to upload the song All I do today (words) but can't upload the pictured one and the next should be the video but it won't allow me. I guess it is not what I am expecting with the new PC.
The ART was made by my friend Macel .I am now starting my Beatles music introduction to start with the Instruoke introduction.The List of all the Beatles to start with .I need all the help I can get with the typing and ..........................

Saturday, November 21, 2009

All I do today ,...still

Yes I am still working on this song trying to do better always.I had posted the one with the words and chords and this time I managed to put a picture behind it and play too .I am doing a video around the song .I lost my line there for a while ,for almost a month .I have been talking to some of my friends from a college nearby and hoping I find someone that can help me put it together or find someone that can make me my own program and enhance the INSTRUOKE..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

All I do today

In all the things I do today,remind me there is just one way,To do the things I do best .....To put my heart and mind to rest ...To leave this life in your hands ,that you alone have planned..I am hoping I will be continuing to do this right this time ...I am back and will work more on this so called my BLOG.I am talking to all about this music project .I think I am ready ,my instruments are complete ,I am just carrying my flash drive now a days but I still have to carry the guitars,keyboard and I am hoping to get new Sound System .Now,... if I can get my self to bring it to the list that I have and present to them my product.I am having a financial disaster and I really don't know what to do.I can use break that I am looking for...My nephew Raymond ,loaned me one of his guitar which is named COXX guitar slinger .It is like a Les Paul ....Sounding crisp and so nice I feel like I am in a concert every time I play it .I carry it to the beach and make all the racket there because I can't really play it that loud in my apartment or else they will call the Police.I am doing volunteer work for some good people whos helping lots and it is very enjoyable that somehow I am helping others even if it's not mine I have my brothers New Yamaha that I fixed and adjusted the bridge,... a minor adjustment.Now it is sounding great...Sometimes I surprised myself on all this things that I can do.I am in a poor house though right now and need assistance.I cant ask anyone at all for $ but !.................things will be OK............OK this is how it should work.Just follow the highlight and do not turn the sound on.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am around ,just can' get on line on time beacause of these hassles with the cable company .They keep delaying .Now I have to wait again.....I'll be around........Music project is still going and sronger and now looking for sponsors .Project is complete and ready to show ...I am now carrying all my my music in my flash drive SO......More stories later .

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday all day

Been trying to get this internet going for almost 2 weeks now and they are looking for all kind of credentials and lots of $$$$.we we're able to get it into my nieces account but now they want my landlord to call them personally for verification of her residence.In the mean time I just stay home and get my self to practice my keyboard.This is all I can do for now till I get my self more components to show around .I have been to talking to some college student to maybe help me with my music project.I have to show it around somehow with no expenses .Some are musicians and some are computers geeks ,This is the only way that I can get this thing going with no $$$$$ involved or going out and hanging out in bars.every thing will be OK...all my activities are all on hold because of this no Internet business.I try to e-mail the guy from Hygienic arts and music and it keep bouncing ,I think he's e-mail has been changed.I'll get there ,I believe.Tomorrow I am going to New York to help my nephew move some of his stuff.I feel bad for him too.Downsizing ,That is why somehow I need to make lots of $$ to help the rest of family..They all need help and I am wishing always thtat I can help them all in any ways ..............SOON

Monday, October 26, 2009

a Monday

It's now Monday and I am still in the same boat ,.....Looking for work in all the wrong places.$ are very hard to come by.what. I have has to go a better things to take care of loved one./BUT ! everything will be OK , it is just temporary .I am waiting for that wonderful check that is coming my way. My miracle is coming .I decided that I will get my self a piece of a rock as my gratitude piece ,that every time I touch it,....I say thank you for every thing I have and to be grateful for every single things I have .That I have millions more than othersthat I was given more GIFTS than I can really think of.How fortunate I am to be able to have more than three times saved to be honest.My love one will soon get her freedom back and Freedom start for good and better things in life is coming ,a promised from the most HIGH.I am hoping I will get my internet back today with the help of a friend.I was at the casino last night to see Paul Anka .He still doing great and with a wonderful voice still,very good PR.We had dinner and play a little poker and came out ahead and went back home ...I picked up my book today .I will try to read more starting today and make myself better and educate more of myself.I am still playing around with my new keyboard and learning more .Still debating on how I am going to introduce my INSTRUOKE.I need to make a plan and get it started.I am running out of idea ,I need guidance .I really dont know what to do at this point.THINKING....................

Friday, October 23, 2009


Yes I am around,I just have to go the library for now till I get my account situated .I can hack it but I need the $$ for my daughter first.I just have to settle with what I have to do for now and sacrifice.My daughter need these $ more than me....I am still waiting and getting ready to introduce my self and my product .I really don't know what to do yet but think and plan ....I will will to make a plan of seeing people for these instruoke project...With the Help of the MOST HIGH of course...That is the only thing I know ,get guidance from the HS.What I am doing now is just practicing my new to me Keyboard and learning how to play .Hoping I'll get better with the keyboard........

Monday, October 19, 2009


I am back now from Canada,We spent 8 days with the family.Had a blast.Celebrated my birthday with the family.That was the second time and the second year. I spent my birthday there.It was so joyful and very peaceful and I was very happy to be able to spend time with my siblings and close knit family Jojo and Lizzie are so kind,generous and just plain good hearted.I went home with a new set of PC too that my Ate Fe paid for .If I have it my way,...I would have stayed longer.How I wish I get what I am looking for and be able to help them in any ways I can or financially and get in business with them They are all so smart in their own ways and business minded .I will even move over there and take my daughter with me.I know I will get my inheritance and be able to give them the gifts I wanted to share with them all and get in business with them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hard times

I have been trying to get into this blog and it won 't let me in.There's not much going on around here but sit around and eat,watch TV and sleep.I can't really move around because of the lack of funding .It depresses the living life out of me.I don't really ask anyone.It's not me.Can't wait to go home now and start looking for work and take care of my business with Maria.I need all her medical transcript to send to Illinois so they will not hold her longer.Will post more next time about the music project ,right I have none .

Monday, October 12, 2009


This is now our 3rd day in Canada and I have not done anything yet but relax.I love it so much in this Country + I am having such good time with my family.These would beour 3rd time here since last October 2008.I spent my birthday here too last year.I feel so relaxed here .It is such a blast being here.All we do is laugh and have a good time and reminisce about our childhood .I still really think I am still in my childhood mode.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I have to stop practicing for now in my new toy.I was thinking about bringing the keyboard but!....I will be punishing my self hauling it around, I am going to Canada to visit my family and they do have piano there.I will have peace and dialogue for at least a week and be with my gifts. That's only the time I have peace and quiet.I don't really have to think about anything at all but have a joyous time with my family.It's like going back to my childhood and do nothing but laugh and have a good time.Feel the LOVE in the air.It is just to bad I can't really contribute to anything but be there and that really bother me being broke .As I was waiting I 've found out that we did not have to leave till night time. Here I am all dressed up and no where to go .I got my keyboard back out and goof around.I managed to find song Together by The Intruders, old song from the sixty's.I was able to find the chords and play it for a while till I got the whole tune intact....I am still trying to get the song Trust,Believe to get sound better.I can't get my fingers to work together.I can't get to do separate things at the same time .I know it's not important ,I just want it to be my song of FAITH and believe in that song that I may say.Those words came to me during my darkest hours and managed to make it into a song with the guidance of TheHolySpirit.I am so grateful that I was given this kind of gift because that's the only way I can come up with anything HOLY or a beautiful melody like that.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my keyboard

I have been playing lots and enjoying this new toy of mine.I managed to put the rhythmn in my Trust,Believe song and experimenting on the tones and background.What sound better as background.I just can't do both hands at the same time .It's not synchronized yet .Hopefully it will
get there soon.I just get excited and rushing to learn quick.For what I learned already ,I am very grateful.The fact that it teaches you the Piano notes and translate it to guitar chords is + already and very satisfying that I am able to play a song even If I am in a crawling mode..I just have to memorized the 7 chords.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new instrument

I am really happy with this new knowledge I have found.It is really teaching me lot.It tells you all the finger formation then it will give you the chords to and all broken chords.I am very surprised that it does that.Like explaining everything to you so you understand.All I need to accomplish is to put all my chords of my songs and figure out how to record...There is gotta be a way.Stick em' up and sing he,he,he....An actual guitar assault rifle.......for the singing soldier.....

Monday, October 5, 2009


Still jamming and studying how this works the best.I'm able to play songs now with the accompaniment of the rhythm and different kind of instruments.I am really enjoying this new instrument that landed in my hand through the 3.I am learning a lot from this.I can create my own beat and my composition is now with its own rhythm and beat .I am so happy.It tells you the guitar chords too at the same time.I am stuck with the C chords and I would like to move on and study the rest of the chords and the finger formation....

Saturday, October 3, 2009


So I was doing all my running around yesterday and my feet brought me to the pawn shop with no plan of going there at all.They're expensive and I don't have the $ to spend .I look around anyway.I spotted a keyboard and the price.As little money I have in my pocket I can buy this keyboard.There's six keyboards there and it looks as good as the rest. It looks powerful and good looking + it is tutorial.The guy plugged it for me.I played a few notes and I said,....SOLD !It tells you the note it's playing and it has rhythm section and different 87 tones and loud enough for the house.The one I had was defective,...and now broken.I bought that from Ebay for $25 and only used it for two months and died .That is what I get for buying these cheap stuff.The story of my life he,he..But I am always given a Gift,...My partner knows I want to buy one to study and learn the notes and keys so at least I can say I know a little and be able to show what I am talking about.....Need it for the Project.In short; I managed to get a keyboard for the price of a couple of 2 six pack.Again a very inexpensive unit.Hopefully it will last longer .If not ,..then we buy one again .Maybe not this time....It is like,.....For meeee ??? I am still baffled why the price of that is that low.I have been using it and been jamming for almost two days now and it is very educational for me.I'll just get the pro for show later on.I don't have to wait to study now.It was provided for me...Tell me I am not blessed.So far it is good ,it's performing great and teaching me a lot.

Friday, October 2, 2009

good morning,,,,,,,,,,,

A beautiful Friday morning and nowhere to go .I will just walk and do my exercises .Make my self stronger.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still at it..........

I'll get there ,I need more push and guidance .funding would help a lot too.Not complaining,just telling a story.This is just temporary.This too shall pass..Considering things from every angle.I have to read,study and learn from this.I have to ignore those whose trying to discourage me and open my eyes.It's hard but I know it will get easier .I want to show my hidden treasures the magic of my INSTRUOKE followed by my GIFTs.I have it all planned.I should have enough songs to start with. I just don't have the right connection yet .It will all be lined up for me .I should know when I meet the people.In the meantime,I'm able to squeeze a few beatles song .Every time I have a chance .I have a rule that when I pick the guitar and not practicing ,...I will do a complete song and not stop till it's finished; Beatles or not. For speech therapy purposes...need lots of mouth exercises and stretches.I actually have to do one hour of reading out loud daily.Prayers help a lot too,.... loud praying...............LOL......

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


All day,Brainstorming on who I need to talk and will understand and will see the potential of what I have.It's all I been doing .Who to talk to.I have in my list.The director of New London Hygienic arts and music ,The owner of Caruso music store,Bar and Restaurants owners.The owner of Ron's guitar,The manager and owner of Neffs production...I narrowed it down to Barbara Neff of the production.She has all the expertise,marketing ,the production itself,the settings,instruments and components,the know how and the access to the town; she is in-charge of the towns entertainment and the right person to talk to.The only thing I need to do is get my self to talk to her and make the appointment and get my self ready to do the presentation.How to present my creation....I have to write it all down and memorized,....not really,....Just the things I have to say to get her interested in my creation.It would be better if I have have everything I need for the presentation to make it more interesting.I have to make this happen if I want what I am looking for....Visualize.I want this more than anything.I have to ZERO in.............................

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Woke up brain storming on what I need to do with these product of mine.I need to get it out.I actually know what to do but I can't get my self to get it going .I know I can use more components and the sound system for it to be more interesting to listen and look at but I don't have the resource yet.....My computer is not even cooperating with meI need more confidence that I can do this .If I want my inheritance ,..... I should be able to do. this. I am thinking that it's still incomplete and I need more of the instruments I need and the sound system .

Monday, September 28, 2009

lost day

Yap ,...another lost day.I need to get out of this and do my share of advancement and do work. Show my product.I made it to the job labor. I can work and go to school at the same time .Culinary school?I'm finding all these angel guitar ...I like it... a gift.BUT ! He said to put your heart and mind to rest,.....and I do....have to stop laziness and move more ,no excuses ...I need my freedom though to move freely,don't have confidence with out it...HELP will come .No worry....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

the best

The best is yet to come........
Just working and searching around the clock and hoping I'll get what I am looking for .I have all these songs ready to go but no place to go to.I have to practically beg these bar owners to look at my creation and try it out on their premises and with no pay.Just to give me a chance on trying it out on their restaurant or bar and the promise of boosting their sales ?What I need is a chance to do this .I only have my guitar and a left over songs that I made .I guess,...My songs are now having glitz because of the computer virus .It works but have to click twice or more to be able to go where I want to go.I 'll have to wait till I get my new PC and more equipment to show my creation.It is very hard to show something when it is incomplete.....I am so impatient and I know it is wrong ....I am so bored of doing nothing and sitting around at home.I feel much better.I think I am ready to go back to work but there's nothing out there for me.I have to be in a food serving industry to present my creation.

Friday, September 25, 2009

All over

Been running around like a lunatic looking for places I can introduce my music ???Looking for place in all the wrong places.I have been singing all Beatles music and started all over again and enjoying it.I have been checking this Beatles rock band game and it is just like Guitar hero ,the format is the same.I know I have a chance on this creation of mine .It is like introducing a talent show specializing on just singing and instruments.I am going to start sending out letters the appropriate people again and see what happen.I went to one of the radio here in town with of them calling or e-mailing me and never heard from them,somehow I was glad they did not get in touch with me because right after I was in the Q105 radio station and trying to register for the talent contest .I woke up the following with Bells Palcy.Again ,....what's the odds huh ..So here I am again like I said ,....start all over.I can't make any more song because my PC died and can't upload any song I did ...I have 3 christian songs of mine ,3 Beatles songs with original soundtrack and 16 selection of classic rock and roll with my guitar and voice ? and some original soundtrack .I guess I t is good enough to start with ..Like my angel guitar?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Beatles

I think I am starting all ever again with these Beatles music now that another game of The Beatles rock band surface in the market.I'll just keep playing it till I or till they get tired of it.I have all these music of the Beatles,....I can spend all day playing their music alone and never run out and I will stick with it for a while..NOW ! My very first priority is to get new equipment for my work.You like my new found unusual guitar picture ?Have to find a way to get this project out..........

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


YEY ! ,...I guess it is final I can go back even if it is just part time .I can go around showing my work and see if they approve

Monday, September 21, 2009


That is a job I would not mind having ,.....I was telling every one I am changing career and find a job as a musician I meant it as a worker around music he he he.....anything about music could be consider a musician huh? It's time for to get back to work.I need to find the wealth I am looking for .This being broke is not really working for my personality.Just did not have a choice about the situation.I don't trust my self and I don't have my usual confidence when I don't have much to offer.I can't even approach anyone.I am not use of this thing with no action and have no voice.I thought maybe I 'll start with bar/restaurants jobs of any kind,...part time .Anything as long as I can get out of the house.I'll only have to work partially so they won't take away my income from my disability..I need that while I do all this medical activities of mine..I'll start introducing the music project while I am there and offer the entertainment.....
I N S T R U OKE !!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

crashed and virus

Bili na po kayo ng GITARA............All Instruments soon to come +
Sound System He,he,he.....what is the odds on that huh ?...... desk top crashed and lap top caught virus almost the same time.Glad I can still use it for the internet and play music.It won't take anymore download or sometimes it will just die.Just lucky that I am still writing this ...I can do this but I won't be able to do anymore of my work but just read the email and play music and use this as regular speech therapy notebook and CD/DVD player.I met with the Atty.and we are just going to put protection in my works and put the dates when it started.I don't have the funding to put an application for the patent,I just want proof, I was the first one to come up with it...He will answer to all the question they might have about the product both Gifts and Instruoke.My lap top now I know,can't attach any uploads at all. It won't open any programs from the documents or any kind of attachment.......It's good I can still put images ....I was lucky enough to be able to upload one song and posted to Facebook before it died this afternoon .I least I manage to show a single song to some of my family.I was so proud of that creation of mine ...........For now,.... I would like to ba able to start again with the Beatles music There is a lot of favorites and hits of the Beatles that has not been played at all for the last 20 years and get it out there again for the young ones to hear and learn.The only ones they know are the ones they hear on the radio,very few.There's hundreds of them...I'll try to get it out even if it is my own version,they don't like it ,......GO HOME ! he he he he he..............I manage to put a video bar on the side ....Featuring The Beatles ....Get Back and George Harrison's Something + the PSP's new game "The Beatles Rock Band".........check it out.........


All my troubles seems so far away,he,he....I ws able to upload the second christian song through Facebook.It took me a whole 3 hours to upload a 1 minute song .I know what the problem was the whole time ,...old computer.But I insisted on doing it so ,....naawa yata and it worked .It took me a while but it happened ...........I don't know if they like and I really don't care as long as I am happy and satisfied with my work .......I am good.At least I have one posted for all to see how it work and my Gratitude song for the The Most High.......It has a video on the background now .I am so happy with the outcome and means I can do it always now with new songs or any songs.Now! All I need is the freedom and all that comes along with it so I can start with the showing of the INSTRUOKE.I have a meeting with my Patent too to look at the finish product.I have to start hanging out in bars to show and maybe look for work to start with. I will be guided for sure.....
I am waiting for that favor.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I am so pleased with these new creation of mine It got me to play more and admire my self he,he...I did this huh ?ME ! created this .....It took me a while. I can't get it right and almost lost the whole 3 songs because ,I think it finally crashed.I took me up to six times to get it right .It turns off on you now .It did twice today and need to be rested...Hoping it will start the next time I turn it on..I wish I can show it off but my pc won't let me unless I send it out in CD' regular mail,the old fashion way.I know exactly what to do when I get new PC's.Approach these business owners of local bars and restaurants+ the music storesI have to go out there and show the gadget with instrument and sound system.It's best,.... because it will work better.Show them in detail.Working on it.So ! I've been playing guitar the whole day already and very happy about this whole thing Now ! We are just waiting for the Freedom......we are good to go...I am so excited ,I need to prepare speeches on how to sell it.He 's the first and last......singing...............He looks so peaceful sitting there.He's mind is on me....He is the background picture for My Christian song MY3.......

Thursday, September 17, 2009

All I do again

Let's see if we can do this ,I was playing with the Instruoke program and I try to improve the quality to make a little interesting and see if I can upload a new and improve,... All I do today.This program has been sitting in front of my face the whole time and not see it.I was to busy minding my daughters affair and my medical that I am not really working on the program but just writing favorites songs and now trying to make christian songs on my own.I paid separately for this program and never got to use it ,that was the time of Tony's going away.I will start concentrating on this again.I can't get it uploaded though....


Yes ,..I trust and believe This is a song of mine that turned to one to one that came to me during my darkest hours I have been trying to upload this song since yesterday thinking since I just uploaded the Operating system because it crashed ....again,.... that maybe it would do it and go through.But I do believe in the Most High and know that He will provide with that FREEDOM that I am looking for.I was able to bring back the songs I have in the computer.I have to start all over again but it's only minor compare to what I have to re -record all the songs I had in here.Glad I got smarter and did back up of all my files.I think that was the fourth time I lost all my documents.Now I am back in session.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

morning song

I have been trying to upload this song .My 2nd song ...A very short song but lots of play.This is how it work,...... Read and play your guitarJust follow the chords and make music.
This is a sample of my instruoke project I have been working on this project for quite a own song ,...a gratitude song forThe Most High..........................................PLAY w/No sound ............It sounds so good I think,... and lots of jamming....

Monday, September 14, 2009

a gift

My angel jamming and playing guitar .It looks very inspiring.I call this song My gratitude song for The Most Blessed Trinity for every thing that he has done for me.I really do think it is a gift from Most Blessed Trinity that I am able to do this.The Holy Spirit is guiding me .I put together all this words I see and read .Pick out the right words .I have this melody in my head and just record with my camera. I have my self a new song as I mentioned earlier.It's the song I have playing and singing and I can't get it out of my mind.I call the song MY3 Now If I can get this music out in the open .I have to wait till I have my new PC to get this going.I managed to make one Instruoke song "My3" that I am now using in my lap top.I am now working on the second one, All I do today....a short song with lots of jam .sounds different every time I play it.I am trying borrow my brother Rey's camcorder so I can records the new songs and try to put it in you tube but just the words moving .I'll see if I can upload it ib another site for new original song competition.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


INSTRUOKE . It's a made up word ,to me,.. it means singing with instrument and with group of people participating....Like Karaoke but with instruments this time.I have been trying to put this together for the longest time .I can't seem to put the funding together to have a better program and I am not really savvy when it comes to computer +I am using very low technology.I just have the talent and know how ?I have songs that is already complete .It needs enhancement but they will get the idea.but if I can get the components that i need ,it will be easier to introduceI was able to make 3 songs while I am in my bed of recovery.I got so lazy from doing anything. I did not want to move unless I have Dr.'s appointment.I can't move around too because of lack of funding .Time is not working with me right now but we'll get there.In the meantime I am training for something that I can feel.I've been getting these misfortune in my body for a reason.I had bells falcy.It's all better now except the numbness on the left side my face but I think I am speaking better too .I just have to keep up with my speech therapy.My problem is my voice period.......I can't sing.The injuries did the best of it .Ayaw akong pakantahin,masyadong magaling The best that I am hoping for now is to get my self the sponsor and the funding for Instruoke.I cant do much right now but wait and recuperate.Feel better and stronger.Hope to have all this medical activities finish and get my self the inheritance I am looking for.This song I am working on now ,...MY3 a happy song if I can get it right.A christian song .This so called friend of mine is helping me by correcting the words,She changed some of the words for my Trust,Believe and MY3.I just hope she is using it .Of course I want to hear my songs and how it sound.I can't even send her the audio,that's how low my technology is.I am sure if she hear the way I sing it,even if I am just reading or humming,... she might use it .I want to get started with these Beatles trend and start introducing all the oldies songs I know and have them hear them all over again The are only playing very selective songs and they have hundreds of beautiful songs and I know how to play at least 60% of their music and I don't how to introduce the music and where to start .I know I am not ready to play in public.I can't even speak right ,let alone sing.....MONEY ! Sorry to mention this again but that is the only way I can get this project out.Anyway,.... lets go back to my song writing .the first song happen while I was going through with this difficulty with Maria and then a song was born ,the second was just going through things and my Ate Fe said the words of All I do today.The 3rd one is just words that I read and put together .I am hoping I can make more but,...I'll know that my3 will take me there and will guide if it's my calling. Geez!!! I am this young and I am looking for my calling still.He said I will get the guidance that I need.If not then I have 3 songs that I like very much that I made my self...and it is mine,mine,mine!!!!! Wait till I get these misfortune of mine finished and it will come out naturally.I can't even open my mouth now because of this little test.