Monday, March 29, 2010

it's going.

Finally I have it going .The program is back,but my music is all gone too.This has been going on for the longest time .I gain something then something be gone too.It is a disaster .I am glad I have the unlock code worked ,it took me a while but it's back.I just have to upload more music .More Beatles ,every single track I have are gone even the original ones and classic rock I am so glad I was able to save it in youtube really or else I will start all over again.This will be the 3rd time I lost all these datas...I guess I have to just record more and make some more Beatles so far I have at least 16 and if I am going to create a INSTRUOKE Beatles collection to compete with the Beatles rock band.I should start making more HUH ?I think I just lost all my Beatles pictures too....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I been out for a long time ,really don't know what to do ,,,,,my pc is down and can't do jack about it.I think it is now in good working condition but there's more missing program ,...I still don't have the windows media player and can't make anymore Instruoke for a while till I straighten it out .Somehow I know what it is I need to do to start this project of mine and I wll need enough courage to do this but I know I will get all the assistance I need from HIM.I have to share all this to all that they may know or else I will be wondering what would have happened.I am sticking with The Beatles INSTRUOKE.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

lost music

So many things going in this PC of mine ,now my WMPlayer is out and saying not supported bywindows and I don't really know hot to fix this.My youtube is working but i cannot add up any songs in my collection and can not continue with my project.I hope it is just temporary .I have not been working on this for a while now .It seems like I am stranded and have no where to go.I know I have a few songs and would like to do more computers has been doing all this starnge new things to me....