Saturday, January 30, 2010

The other blog

I just realized that I am running two blogs at the same time.I have the chito-instruoke and INSTRUOKE BLOG with both Beatles posting .

Monday, January 25, 2010

looking for work

I have decided its time to really,really look for regular work and in the meantime look for my music sponsor .i have time ...My favor will far and beyond ...It's just not the right time yet.It's always raining or snowing or below zero always and actually they call it WINTER.I tell you ,...this weather we are having is wack,.....Mudslide,Freezing in Florida,,snowing in Nevada,earthquake in Haiti ,Tornado ...........There is only 3 or 4 more establishment existing downtown New London ..I just have to be patient and work as much as I can in this INSTRUOKE music project .....Gather as much song as I can ...I know exactly what to dowith the music now and take it my computer CD.....It works I'm working and waiting for my blessings the proper way HUH ?I'll get there.............Patience my dear Patience.................

Thursday, January 21, 2010

lost blog

I know I was absent for a while haven't been around but I am still going through with my channel and looking for more songs I can do.....I have "For no one" lined up but have not done it yet.I guess they call it laziness and wondering what it is I need to do with myself.I just have to figure out the things I need to do .I have plenty in my plate and I really don't know what it is I need to do with it....I am in denial and waiting for a miracle to happen......I have all this Beatles pics and I am being lazy ....I figured I have more than I can use .....I did say I was going to do as much as I can and post it in the channel....

Monday, January 18, 2010

another lovely day

I am still humming the same song for three days now trying to get the perfect guitar chords for it .Well,....I had posted it in my facebook pages anyway.I didn't care even if it does the wrong chords ,They 'll figure it out ....actually I do and I care...I just have to re-post it ...because I took it off after a few days .I don't know but i don't understand this family of mine sometimes .I don't get any kind of feedback at all except one or two from my friends but never my family ...BUT ! I understand and that all it is to it ,.....I think they kind'a embarrassed of me and what I am doing so ,.......... but again, hey !!!I am going back to my Beatles Instruoke and work on this last one I have been working on"I've just seen a face"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

lovely day

Oh well,...I have to make a detour a little.It was my nephew Raymond's birthday yesterday and with all the greetings he got,he came back with this song that I always like but never knew the title to it.Lovely day and he posted the song in facebook so I was practically singing it all day.I managed to find the lyrics and looked for the guitar chords .Here I am still singing the same song and I want to be able to make it to INSTRUOKE and post it in my youtube channel.It was by Bill Withers a wonderful sounding happy song....It could be a praise song too.I could wake up in the morning and the sunlight hurt my eyes...he,he,he...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Anytime at all

If you need somebody to love,just look into my eyes...Yes I am working on tha and the next one I have to come with the chords for intro is this song....Ive' just seen a face.I am running out of things to do ,here I am blogging but nothing better to say.I have all this things.I have in mind but I don't how to get it going or where to start.I need a work so I can make money. I have this music project I have been working on and hoping someone will discover it and take out of my hands?I just have to do this on my own satisfaction and call it my own INSTRUOKE project that nobody has but ME.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what goes on

I'll just keep writing all these songs till I run out the songs I know .i'll just put the ones I know how to play and stop there .So,......I'll be here blogging for a while .Once I run out of the Beatles songs I know I will proceed back to the classic rock and all the songs I can play and we'll see how much I have and know.I am running outof option and really don't what's the next thing I need to do....I just did " what' goes on "I just finished and I was going to the song" got to get you into my life "but,.......I don't have the track My Beatles collection is so limited that I am running out of songs to do.I guess I have a few more that I can do.I just can't be picky and just do what I need to do get this

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


YEY , took me a couple of days and it's not really perfect and has a slight glitz but I am fine with and don't care about it.As long as I can understand it my self and I am happy ,.... I am good.I am not pro and I am glad I can do this,....there I said it. All I need is for it to get out there . I have "Get back + You like me too much .I'll just keep working on it till I get my self a job .Hoping soon ,'cause this having no funding is not really working with my good looks?found my self some Beatles pictures and will start using the new ones...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Get back

I am still working on my "Get back" song.....I am not a perfectionist but I can't get it right...I have to have it right,at least have it synchronized right and moving right....I just have to make as much Beatles songs in my youtube channel to make it look good and looking like it is a regular song book.I put the rest of my classic rock and roll away and put away in CD's .It's killing my Computer with all the songs I have in there .Multiple songs that is just sitting there.I have to put the rest of my Beatles songs too once I have enough.What i'll do is put 6 songs per CD so I have my computer clean always and doesn't have all this file sitting around.I really don't know what it is I'm doing when it comes to this setting up my youtube channel or having this blog set up except sometime I'll get lucky and get it right .I was able to connect my blog now to all the songs and that makes me happy,......he,he.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

All my loving

I was working all day yesterday,I was able to do "all my loving and "honey don't" but it took me the whole afternoon to the 2 songs. Specially the honey don't part ...I was patient and took my time till I got it right ?.I have it now in a flash drive .... all Beatles and couple of M5 's" Sunday morning" and "this love " That should be enough and be named Beatles Instruoke collection + huh ? I have about 14 songs in the drive including M5's so that 's enough to show to sing & play .It is all favorite and known Beatles songs ...I'll be making more .I have one brewing now ....Get back,... this one specially challenging .I worked on it the rest of the night. I am going back and forth and still unhappy with my work so I just left it alone and work on it in my better days .It is very frustrating trying to do the synchronization and every time I do it ,'s wrong or I am playing catch up. So I gave it up for a while and will come back to it ,........sometime ?? I don't work on Sundays, is Sabbath day...........

Friday, January 8, 2010

This boy

Yes ,...I am still at it and going strong I. managed to upload "this boy" and "and I love her" This time with out any complication is getting easier now ... I can see clearly now and I am making this a little better than I used to..I do need a new camera or new camcorder to have a better and clearer video for this project .I have a few feedback from my work too.....One of my niece even said it was good and liked it ...That makes me happy.See !,....that's all I need to get me going .I have about 10 Beatles songs now ...I need about a couple more to start my Beatles Instruoke marathon ????I will probably end up with more and pick the favorite ones.My Beatles song collection are very limited and I can't really pick my favorite ones to sing ?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


My favorite number 7....Yes today is the seventh of JANUARY........I managed to find more Beatles songs and downloaded it into my computer right and started working on my Beatles Instruoke project right.I did my favorite Beatles song "Till there was you" and
"Here there and everywhere"I am getting good at this things.I have 9 songs so far ....I have to re-dp some of them but that is not a problem...I really don't care and I have this inside info to post it anyway and I will .......I am trying to upload one song now in youtube and if it goes through I will post it in my fb page and share it to alland give info on how to use it ....I was checking youtube too and if they can post Beatles song in karaoke form and other films .Maybe I can too.We'll see......

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


YEY !....... imagine that.It was so cold outside .I went out to mail my daughters package and some magazines for her to read for her trip and and I went straight home.I'd rather stay home than be out ...too cold .I started working on my music and decided to start with IF I FELL .It took me a couple of hours to complete the first song but,...I enjoyed making it.I have not done any song with the original sound track for a while .It's much easier than me making and trying to sing and record and take of video of my beautiful self and typing the song ans synchronizing it after and re-taking video of it's a lot of work but ! I Finished it and proceeded to another one and then another one ....WOW !!! I finished three songs in one day ....That is a new record for me.Nowhere Man and then WAIT .I now have six songs .my target is to have at least a dozen but the songs I have in my list is now incomplete .I don't have the rest of the songs I listed.I have to get by with what I have or buy the rest of the CDs.I have the complete but only plays and can not record or copy....I'll keep searching and maybe I'll find a way and get it from a different site....

Monday, January 4, 2010

1st monday 2010

Geez ! I just lost my post .I was writing about how I was working on my Beatles songs and how I have 3 songs with original track and I don't know if I can post it with out getting in trouble.I have 13 selections including my 3 own compositions now in you tube.I will keep working on it anyway.While I am doing ;that I am working on my daughters affair and planning of getting for her to be the best of what she can be , be on top of the WORLD.ME ?I will have the financial freedom I am looking for and I will be on top .HE did it for them,... HE will do it for me.I am getting my breakthrough.....

1st monday 2010

Survived 2009 ,have to make things better and do all right,...I am waiting for my daughters freedom.In the meantime I have to find $ making scheme.I am going places and my daughter will be somewhere high up and doing the work of The Most High.He did it all for them HE will do it for me.....I have 13 songs now including my own,........but not including my 3 Beatles songs with original track.I am still working on it.i am afraid to post it .I have to ask someone first.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st sunday

And it is still snowing,has not stop yet.I managed to upload my very first praise song Trust,Believe.It happened during my darkest hour and having anxiety attack and at the time. I had to get therapy for the next year...and this tune was in my head and learning more about my Creator.This is the time I said Wow ! I am now a composer of a very good song .HE,HE,HE...Today will be the day that turn things around.One of my FB friend help me change it all around which made it understandable better....The melody is all mine .I just have to wait and see.I have learned a lot yesterday about what I am doing .I have to change a lot of things in all my ways and not do mistakes and wrongs.I did not know that I am dragging my self down and I was being LAZY for the last decade almost....What a waste of time.I have to find myself work and support my self and provide for others.I have been hoping I will get this project out in the open and make $$ out of what I am doing.First was my gift and then my music project..It is now almost four years and have not made a single dime...I probably spent more than ten thousand dollars on both of these project not including the trips and lawyers and expenses and nothing to show but !!!!!I guess I just to go back to work.What kind of work do I get now with a very limited education I have.My cooking can only get me prep cook and that is it,........ unless I get my own restaurant which is a ??? I can use all the break I can get .I am not even ready to go back to work because I need more surgery in my face .One last surgery and it should be done.Guaranteed or not for me to get better....I am done.Right now I need to be able to get a job for I have to make sure Maria has a place to stay and I will be able to send her to school and provide for her.I owe her that much .My priorities ???? my daughter and to make sure I get this music project out and see how it will work.....And they will like it.
By the way ,...that is me being cool with my new coxx les paul

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Let it snow ,let it snow,let it snow,....has been snowing since New Years eve,...has not let up...Tired !,...not of the snow but just digging up my car .First one was almost 2 feet and the rest are all up to six inches at least.It is snowing hard now.My automobile needs a set of new rubbers and I can't risk driving around with what I have now.I don't of anything right now but my sanity and my GUIDE .I am never alone ,it just I have been staying home so much because of lack of funding and would soon change. Hoping to change that real soon and looking forward to seeing my daughter very soon.Hoping she'll call me today too to at least greet me a Happy New Years so I can talk to her and ease my mind knowing she is safe.Everything will be good.What I can do is just play guitar and try to compose a new song or just work on my Beatles music project.

Friday, January 1, 2010


First day of 2010.....I am back to the same exact thing I am doing yesterday ....No difference ,just like another day like yesterday only they call it a year ? .Same thing !What I have to do is concentrate to get a new something that I can make $ with and change this cycle I am in and change the future of my children and my self ...I am working more on this project of mine .I am hoping I'll get this out in the open and hang out more.NOW ! My new piano /keyboard is now dying on me,,,,,again!This is what I get for trying to save $ and buying things from these places like the pawnshop.....I was able to use it for a couples of months and
died.I was so happy because it was tutorial and very in-expensive and looks good.But....Now ,I a have to buy a new one .I was getting good at it.I managed to learn the exercises and few chords and a few songs even singing my own compositions...