Saturday, February 27, 2010


Finally ! I got my PC fixed .It crashed on me about 10 days ago and had a hard time looking for someone that may be able to fix for me .It will cost $ get it going .It needs new hard drive and bigger memory.This PC was design to just read and NO downloading any kind of data.I did not know; Me and my niece were downloading all kind of things ,I had my music and she has all this books in the hard drive and even her son Ricky got into the action by loading all kind of games.I have to be careful using it make sure I download and erase what I did after.I am so glad that I was able to transfer it and opened and account with youtube or else it would have been gone too for the 4th time....I just have to star all over again because I lost the program and I have to buy it again.I have really nothing to worry about now.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I have no choice but to hold my project for a while.I have no way of fixing this for now .I guess the pC I have is only design for office work and not for downloading anything but ....I just have to put my project on hold for a while.I don't have the funding to get it fixed.I need to upgrade and add up memory and extend the hard drive it's to little for what I am doing + the fact I have others using it and downloading all kinds of things .Geez ! I have not even playing really but an occasional song every now and then........I am still in the same boat but much better I see my daughter everytime I have a chance and if the funding allows....Everything will be OK and I know it .Right now I just have to do what I can to make everything work.I am glad I still can use this laptop even though it has a minor virus ,.it's moving and I'll be OK....Lizzie told me it is just around the corner and it's coming ....I Believe !

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Now I am really won't be able to log on any time I feel like writing something down about this BLOG,.....My PC is down and not going anywhere.This is what I get for having everyone use my computer ,every is OK to use it ,When it break I am the only one who gets a problem .I don't even know what to do right now but;I said my piece and will say more if I need to.....This boy has big balls and actually don't want him around but can't do that.Have to find a way to get it fix .This is the second computer I crashed already the last two months.I have all my music work and the music program in that computer..I even have pending work that is waiting for me to get done but !
somebody has always have to screw it for me.I am glad I have enough in my youtube channel .Hoping I will be able to use them soon enough.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a while....

Been busy working on this things and preparing for her to have her own room to make sure she will be in a better environment tha her Mother's house so......We will be OK,....I just have to make sure she don't repeat history.I am sure it will if I allow her to stay with her MOM ...I think I am not being critical If I say I can't trust her to stay with her Mom because then it will happen again.As long as she does the things she is suppose to do ,..then we will be OK .Finish School .That is what I am hoping to happen and with the help of The Blessed TRINITY.I should not worry at all.....But knowing me I will anyway....I just have to do the best I can ....I have two more songs hanging and I can't even do that ........yet............I will....

Friday, February 5, 2010


Wow,it has been five days that I've been gone and have not realized it...I was to busy getting things together for my daughter who is now in Boston,things that she can use and preparing for the outside life she has been coop up inside and I have to provide for her some new things that she can use and need .I have not even touch or play my guitar.Although I was able to fix my nephew in-law's guitar...I was not really interested in fixing it but I was told that it would belong to my grand nephews in the future so I want nothing better for these children and would like to be able to teach them how to play specially.....It needs a new saddle string bridge .It was split in half and it needs a place to put the bone in.It will cost $120.00 for the new saddle and it need to be lifted with heat and replace which they have to do themselves and it will cost $30.00 for that So ! I decided to look around for alternative or spend the money which they won't come up with because it is expensive and almost the price of a new guitar.I like to help so I found my self a piece of wood and started cutting and shaping till I got the right shape .I went to arts and craft store and found myself the right color paint for $1.99 + and started blending and gluing and TARAN,It's fixed and stringed and played it and it sounded good.....DANG I'm good he,he,...I am so proud of my self that I am able to do this kind of grace that I am provided....I have been working today too with a couple of Beatles songs ,...Ask me why and please,please me....of course it is incomplete still but......I was multi-tasking all over.I even managed look for houses and even sent $$ for my nephews.....and cook pancit at the same time after.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

Two blogs

Now I am running two blogs at the same time ,I have to stop one of them .I was running four at the same time at one time.The Gift and My thoughts about my music .I stopped those and proceeded to the Instruoke blog,But I have two now and keep messing up.I am going to try to maintain the same blog and stick with it .Work on my Beatles project Instruoke and see what I can record and work on.