Monday, March 29, 2010

it's going.

Finally I have it going .The program is back,but my music is all gone too.This has been going on for the longest time .I gain something then something be gone too.It is a disaster .I am glad I have the unlock code worked ,it took me a while but it's back.I just have to upload more music .More Beatles ,every single track I have are gone even the original ones and classic rock I am so glad I was able to save it in youtube really or else I will start all over again.This will be the 3rd time I lost all these datas...I guess I have to just record more and make some more Beatles so far I have at least 16 and if I am going to create a INSTRUOKE Beatles collection to compete with the Beatles rock band.I should start making more HUH ?I think I just lost all my Beatles pictures too....

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