Tuesday, September 28, 2010

good intentions

I had all intentions of starting to write again last week but got distracted.Everything stopped when I started working for Burlington Coat factory,it's a downgrade but it is a job and I need to do something with my time and funding helps too.A little $ I get from this job and my situation change a little...Difficulties went away except........but it's ok,.... all these dark clouds will soon go away.I still need a ride,..hard to walk around hauling all these instruments.It is all temporary and things will be good.I just don't know how long I can tolerate running around Burlington Bldg....I don't know how long I can take the pain .It's hurting now I can barely walk when I get home and I have to ice and elevate for a period of time before it gets better....I know I will have a hard time during winter and should set my self time on how long I will work there.I know the minute snow come down and I have to walk.......I will loose interest on working;knowing I will be hurting,Hope at the same time I'll get this music project out in the open.OK...I know I will get the Fortitude I need to get this project going and start making more songs. By faith; my schedule was changed and the and management gave it to me before I even ask to get that day off....I believe.
everything will be alright,everything will be OK...(singing)

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