Monday, January 14, 2013

14 days.

Whoa   . I got lost there for a while .. ...?  Praise songs...taken me away and staying in my comfort zone singing away practicing my skills that I should soon share..Instruoke is up and running  searching it 's rightful promoter..INSTRUOKE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT .My last post was 9-26-12 wow,.....what happenned ? I was not paying attention and just trying to do others things to try to get that $ ?Oh ! I know ! I was doing internet marketing and still do,youtube and kind of sort of things ,playing lots of guitar.I am talking to the Davisons invention people now and  hoping to make the  DEAL? I have a Gust account too ? incomplete...Angel investors shout out  in Craigslist,my guitar space account .I have with Davisons before ,I gave them $800. for the pay fee to start with my project then The Gift (still is) and did not really get any movement and still asking me for more so,............I left it alone and $800. gone ??? Here I am again but I will refused this time to put out any $$$ ...maybe the $ 25. to get it started but that is it...I am going through lots of difficulties right now and $ is really tight, .lost home my car my job and now just renting a room and my daughter practically homeless with my G-child.......If this don't work out ,......I just have to find another ...I am even willing to work out numbers with them so that these may continue progress to the point I'll even share royalty...

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