Friday, April 2, 2010

working on it

I had the nerve this morning and courage.I was guided and it took me downtown and just hanged and walked around and talk to bars (some) about music entertainment,see if I can get a phone call from them for demo.I am ready. I can taste this .With The Most High assistance I will get it.......and show and share with all what I was working on the whole time I was recuperating.I should really talk to the Manager of N.L..I checked on the prices for sound system and it is actually not that bad For $25 hundred I can get up to 4 mic and 4 instruments hook up + the whole 9 yards .Outdoor system.I have 2 guitars already and a so-so keyboard .Works for me .I am so grateful for all these graces ......I managed to open another blog , and posted Please,please me by The Beatles to start...I am leaning towards this Beatles instruoke project.My youtube channel is doing OK.It's just there .I least I have it there always.I'm glad I was able to post in there or else .I lost it all again in the last crashed .I just got this PC functioning properly now and still not doing great and still missing programs.

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