Sunday, January 23, 2011

Same boat

Yes !!! I still am in the same boat I was in before """SLOTH """it is what I was doing, not paying attention and not doing anything about my situation but complain and procrastinate and be LAZY !.I need to get my ass in gear and start to ACT.I was told so many times about this but I am using the SNOW and being frigid as an excuse now.....You see I don't have a ride so I can use that for now ?I think.Funding has a lot to do with it too............I know I have so much excuses .It is all lined up for me and all I have to do is,...... again............ACT !!! I am so lazy I can't even get this blog of mine going regularly;and I have supposedly ,.......3. I have been playing guitar every single day but I always ended up doing the songs I made .(praise songs) It somehow makes me happy and at peace then I will get side tracked and do meditation (Trying hard )Need to do more BEATLESBEATLESBEATLESBEATLESBEATLESBEATLESBEATLES.................

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