Sunday, July 29, 2012

all time high

Been all over the place in New London offering my music entertainment,walking and carrying my new to me back packer,restaurant,bars, block party etc,etc,etc...I don't long as I get to promote it and get it out there and have a descent introduction.There is this bar here(HANAFINS) that I go to regularly and play a few tunes and met this woman that understand what I have and willing to help and play with me.Plays the guitar sing and play the piano too.She said she does marketing and knows few people around and willing to help me get investors.She will help  me go out there and play instruments for introduction and perform,....Her name is Tasha,...I think she is very talented and can do a lot of things.I do coffee shops too for open mic but have to do only original work while there because of copyrights...

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