Monday, July 16, 2012

door to door

 I have been going door to door since the beginning of July ,....well, actually for a while  now but I stopped because of my carrying my acoustic guitar and it kind'a got heavy after a while because I was walking...I saw this ad in craiglist about a martin backpacker and I answered to it ....It took me about a week communicating with the one who is selling it and agreed to a price that is very reasonable ....We agreed on meeting and finally got one....YEY!!!I got this gutar on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year of the DRAGON  and  it looks practically brand new and it is 6 years old.A quarter of the original price ....I was so very happy because I been wanting one so I can carry it with me for showing of my project ,it is  lighter to  carry  but can't afford one.So! I have been carrying one lately and it sounds good and it fits right in my back pack.I do need  a case though.Been doing a lot of progress.Met this younger woman ,a very talented one too,Have her own music ,plays the piano,guitar and self taught.....very business minded and knows a lot people and have  knowledge of marketing. ..Hopefuly she can help me lift up this music project of mine BUT !!! very hard to get get a hold of because she don't return messages properly ? I guess I just have to patient,very frustrating on my side because I HATE THAT WITH A PASSION ...Anyway I found myself a computer software designer ,It is going to cost  me probably  close to $5000.00,money that I don't have.I have to find my self investors that understand the concept of the idea.....whoever help me with this investment will be rewarded handsomely...HELP !

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