Thursday, August 23, 2012

lost posting...

 Again ,I did it ....lost posting... I have been sitting in the library thinking about what it is that I am doing,went door to door trying to introduce my music entertainment carrying my backpacker and my lap tophitting every single stablishment in New London and trying to get a showing and demo of INSTRUOKE .THEY NOD THEIR HEAD LISTENING ,SHAKE YOUR HANDS and....some don't even show up in the appointment and not even a call.even the people that supposedly working with me are fictitious,can't even trust no one anymore,I am working now again on a business plan to get investors.I This woman Tasha I was tallking about who knew this about marketing and I do think she an incredible voice and plays guitar and piano but very hard to communicateis just giving me grief and problems that I really care about ,so,........backto PLAN B ?I think I have been to every each bar and restaurant in town ,...... I am now in the game of WAITING,.......I have my FAITH, is all I have now PATIENCE, of the gift I was provided.It seem like a never ending adversity,...That is not enough to stop me I have ABBA on my side ,It's only a test ,it will come to pass and I BELIEVE...Now we have lost the WI-FI at home where I am staying and the only reason I stuck around is because of JUST  that and ONLY that ,No TV,No phone,No laundry facilily no ammenities of any kind ,I just felt guilty to just leave that woman that stays there (kindness my downfall but can't help it ,one of my gifts) I am paying lots of money for something like that....Time for me to move on ,...Not complaning,I am grateful I have a place and roof over my head ....Even the people that come and go are not really my kind of people ,not judging but I can do much better .....  I am just hoping I find a better palce withall the ammenities I am looking for with the GRACE of ABBA

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