Thursday, August 23, 2012


   Just completely relying on The Most High,All I can do now ,I did what I can. ? still incomplete ,more things I could have done but no more excuses I have to move more  and show,I got sidetrack there for a while  and decided to pick a few classic rocks and practice  and play covers and do Beatles too at the same time .I am desperate. I need to get out more and play.Share my skills which I have not been doing because of lack of recources ?(laziness)I would like for this music entertainment to get started and be the next trend.I am sure of it ...I just need that Program I can call mine + equipments. In the mean time I am introducing  the music  the way it is and sing and play along.The female music business Partner I have is not really working well yet  .It is still a big ? seems like everybody I talked to nod their heads shake your hands and say will do but don't ? It's complicated when you are not paying them.Up to me  !!!Have to find a set-up .Be better if I have the whole, sound system ,intruments and computers.BUT  !!! ALL IS WELL.

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