Thursday, November 19, 2009

All I do today

In all the things I do today,remind me there is just one way,To do the things I do best .....To put my heart and mind to rest ...To leave this life in your hands ,that you alone have planned..I am hoping I will be continuing to do this right this time ...I am back and will work more on this so called my BLOG.I am talking to all about this music project .I think I am ready ,my instruments are complete ,I am just carrying my flash drive now a days but I still have to carry the guitars,keyboard and I am hoping to get new Sound System .Now,... if I can get my self to bring it to the list that I have and present to them my product.I am having a financial disaster and I really don't know what to do.I can use break that I am looking for...My nephew Raymond ,loaned me one of his guitar which is named COXX guitar slinger .It is like a Les Paul ....Sounding crisp and so nice I feel like I am in a concert every time I play it .I carry it to the beach and make all the racket there because I can't really play it that loud in my apartment or else they will call the Police.I am doing volunteer work for some good people whos helping lots and it is very enjoyable that somehow I am helping others even if it's not mine I have my brothers New Yamaha that I fixed and adjusted the bridge,... a minor adjustment.Now it is sounding great...Sometimes I surprised myself on all this things that I can do.I am in a poor house though right now and need assistance.I cant ask anyone at all for $ but !.................things will be OK............OK this is how it should work.Just follow the highlight and do not turn the sound on.....

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