Monday, November 23, 2009


I need to come up with the introduction on this project of mine. The How to .........I have this music program I stumbled into and made it work for me.I am using this for my speech how it work. Perform and show how it works.Can't sing my self. Let the customer sing and play with the other instruments...Let them do their thing and be the entrertainmentlike Joel said,... you have to show them your gift.
Be a barrier breaker.I am just showing my other gift.The very first one .......I have everything I need .Just not the balls,..... yet.......but I will.......l I have to do this and get things running . Can't be in the same boat even before 2010.My special gift will be out and need to protect my own specially. You see I was able to upload the song All I do today (words) but can't upload the pictured one and the next should be the video but it won't allow me. I guess it is not what I am expecting with the new PC.
The ART was made by my friend Macel .I am now starting my Beatles music introduction to start with the Instruoke introduction.The List of all the Beatles to start with .I need all the help I can get with the typing and ..........................

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