Friday, November 27, 2009

black Friday

Survived Thanksgiving,........I just stayed home and let it pass.I really had no intention of going anywhere .I was fine,I just did not want to be bothered.I talked to my daughter,she called me and greeted me HAPPY THANKSGIVING.It is Shopping season and I can't even afford to go window shopping....Yes ! that's how poor I got this year and I know this just temporary and things will changed for the better,It is only a test...I was happy and satisfied that I talked to her ...That is all I need.I need not have to have turkey...or to be with anyone,..... I am good.I am very grateful for everything and all the friends and specially my family who is always behind me.I don't even like turkey it, can go with out.I promised to my self ,...this will the last year of my adversity and don't want to be in the same boat at the same time or even the start of 2010.I have been like this for quite a while .My daughter will be back with me some time next year and I have to prepare for her freedom and able to send her back to school and for my self to be more blessing to others with my 3's guidance.I am working on just trying to get this INSTRUOKE out but I still don't know who to approach or who to talk to...

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