Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Been gone for a long time.My plate is so full it is overwhelming.Funding is low and everything is not in the same page.Anyway it is a another day and will start over again.Been incapacitated for more than a month because of pc trouble.My goal NOW is to put together a music entertainment.I am ready. I can do this .Have to do it .I have to show my gifts and share specially the music gadget.+ the fact that you can play a little.I feel like I have been making all this excuses .I had stop uploading and making the instruoke songs ,lost music program ,...actually; still is.I need to ....AGAIN!
to introduce this music entertainment + I am targeting making all the $ I can to provide for others specially me & my loved ones.I am waiting for guidance always and that's is all I know.I have to get this going and start taking control of my so called LIFE.I need a kick in the freaking ass. I am so m@#$%^&*()_broke and I am not doing anything about it...don't have a ride either .Not complaining ... just telling a story... EVERYTHING WILL BE OK ! One thing I learned is ........THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I am glad I am able to do that now and not have a panic attack.GOD is so GOOD.I can even heal my self now a days .....very Grateful and Thankful......It's time to collect my inheritance. NOW this is how it will go ....I am looking to introduce this music entertainment and I can use your assistance,... I am at the end of my rope I can use use the help and in return we can be rewarded very handsomely SHOW ! Flaunt what you have and share your gift.Even if it is not the actual gift but the creativity that came with it......The Gift.

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