Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am back !!!

I think I finally got this thing going and will be able to get back to doing my project.The Beatles INSTRUOKE sing & play along guitar tutorial series.It has been a while and I did not know what to do ...I approached one of the establishment downtown and shown my project and he seems to be interested and was asking questions.Hoping he will give me a spot in his place .I have to find myself something to do and make a few $$ to start with or I will end up playing in the pier if I need to.....FAITH.....I have lots of that ....I need lots and lots of guidance and I believe this was put in my heart and need to work on it .I want to make sure my daughter will be protected when freedom comes back. My3 is behind me a million % and just waiting for me to make my move.....

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