Saturday, February 27, 2010


Finally ! I got my PC fixed .It crashed on me about 10 days ago and had a hard time looking for someone that may be able to fix for me .It will cost $ get it going .It needs new hard drive and bigger memory.This PC was design to just read and NO downloading any kind of data.I did not know; Me and my niece were downloading all kind of things ,I had my music and she has all this books in the hard drive and even her son Ricky got into the action by loading all kind of games.I have to be careful using it make sure I download and erase what I did after.I am so glad that I was able to transfer it and opened and account with youtube or else it would have been gone too for the 4th time....I just have to star all over again because I lost the program and I have to buy it again.I have really nothing to worry about now.

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