Thursday, July 22, 2010

another blog

I am just messing around ,I got myself a day off already after just 3 days of working .it's OK it's not for me but I have something to do for now and it will help me .I have been getting this family and friends that is saying hi,.... and wants to be friends with me and that makes me happy.I even have one that is a daughter of my childhood friend and 1st cousin from my home town which I have been wondering about for a long while and what have happen to him.I am somehow feeling sad and bad for what have happened and I like very much to assist them in any way I can.I have to get this big FAVOR that is coming to me NOW so I can help others. I am making this music blog about my INSTRUOKE and I am writing all kinds of different things and the topic is not even related .I am still in my Beatles INSTRUOKE .I am just just being lazy and not working on it .....

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