Friday, July 2, 2010


I have so many excuses that I am using .I am just being lazy and really don't know what I'm doing.The way I can go deeper in this situation of mine is If I buy a shovel and start digging and bury myself.My rope was cut; years ago and I have not done shit but talk about it.....I don't even have anymore straws.I really do need to get out and start showing , excuse now is transportation +I need to bring gadgets downtown or wherever I have to transport it too..I will stick with The Beatles songs and use youtube after.I should get back out there soon .I will wait to get the portable amp , I can get out now and use the acoustic though and I am still making an excuse..........Tamad kasi ang !@#$%^&*()_%^&* anyway,......... I'll get there......Beatles it is.....I am not even doing this posting of mine in this blog that I am supposed to be updating daily.I try.Need big time schedule adjustment and time management that I need to follow Faithfully.My gift is coming out and I need to be prepared financially and I am down to the ground.Every thing will be OK.......... K. I have all these cards that I can leave all over and to give away,...I'll just mark it with..... youtube "rrams2k"in the back I did not have youtube then when I printed the is channel ....rrams2k time.I have to do this even if I have to take the bus and make it there.It will get better when I have the new amp the meantime ? DO IT !

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