Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The one that doesn't move ,ehh,Too lazy to do anything .I just want to make sure it is somehow moving so they know I am around and still kicking.Don't have much to say except GEE ! I am not doing anything about the project ,.I have one song pending and I can't even touch that .Any way I got myself a job ...lucky me I found one even though we have 15 mil unemployed. ,I should consider my self BLESSED,....since I can't move around because of the transport and I got my self a part time job that will help me pay the bills somehow and I thank the LORD for that ,I never doubted that he will be there for me.I have enough Beatles there to start the project .All I need is the break I am looking for,not worried ,...it will get .I understand now the principle that it is only temporary and The Most High is The GOD of The Perfect Timing............get it,get it ,get it...It's getting there.I will be fine ........

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