Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey finally got the inexpensive gadgets I ordered form musicians friends ....I thought I try it seeing it's not that expensive ....Well ! ,...actually it is all I can afford,...for now.Igot my self an actual amp I can carry around with me and a guitar strap + strings for my COX electric guitar for the price of 2 phone calls to my daughter..It sounds somehow OK and it is portable which is OK for now till I get a better one.I have one song pending because of just plain laziness The song by B.Joel is still sitting there waiting for the guitar chords .....I don't know ,.. I don't feel like doing anything and don't have the desire to be out there .It's the start of the annual sail fest in New London .Maybe because I don't really have the ride to go anywhere .I have these brothers around me that only show when they really need something .They know the situation and .....Well It's OK .I am not really their responsibility so.........I guess I just have to wash my hands and stop helping others always so I don't get screw in the end .I am tired of being the one who's always lending a hand and when it comes for me to be the one who needs assistance ....they're nowhere around .I understand and it is how it is and just ignore.......Anyway I like my new toys and hoping I get my enthusiasm back...

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