Monday, July 5, 2010

trying hard

Yah,...that is all I am, complaining and not doing anything at all.I am trying; but Like I said I really don't know what is next I have to do .I still need my complete system to really get it going.I can start with what I have but then it will be incomplete to show around or.......maybe not,.... I just have to haul my things around all over town with no destination .This appointments I had has not even call .Not losing Faith ,it will come in due time .I know it I just have to practice more and make more songs.I was bored sometime last week and was able to do Billy Joel s Just the way you are ,....It's not finish yer but all I have to do is put the chords and it would be good.It is a song I like .I still need more Beatles songs to do.....

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