Friday, October 9, 2009


I have to stop practicing for now in my new toy.I was thinking about bringing the keyboard but!....I will be punishing my self hauling it around, I am going to Canada to visit my family and they do have piano there.I will have peace and dialogue for at least a week and be with my gifts. That's only the time I have peace and quiet.I don't really have to think about anything at all but have a joyous time with my family.It's like going back to my childhood and do nothing but laugh and have a good time.Feel the LOVE in the air.It is just to bad I can't really contribute to anything but be there and that really bother me being broke .As I was waiting I 've found out that we did not have to leave till night time. Here I am all dressed up and no where to go .I got my keyboard back out and goof around.I managed to find song Together by The Intruders, old song from the sixty's.I was able to find the chords and play it for a while till I got the whole tune intact....I am still trying to get the song Trust,Believe to get sound better.I can't get my fingers to work together.I can't get to do separate things at the same time .I know it's not important ,I just want it to be my song of FAITH and believe in that song that I may say.Those words came to me during my darkest hours and managed to make it into a song with the guidance of TheHolySpirit.I am so grateful that I was given this kind of gift because that's the only way I can come up with anything HOLY or a beautiful melody like that.

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