Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday all day

Been trying to get this internet going for almost 2 weeks now and they are looking for all kind of credentials and lots of $$$$.we we're able to get it into my nieces account but now they want my landlord to call them personally for verification of her residence.In the mean time I just stay home and get my self to practice my keyboard.This is all I can do for now till I get my self more components to show around .I have been to talking to some college student to maybe help me with my music project.I have to show it around somehow with no expenses .Some are musicians and some are computers geeks ,This is the only way that I can get this thing going with no $$$$$ involved or going out and hanging out in bars.every thing will be OK...all my activities are all on hold because of this no Internet business.I try to e-mail the guy from Hygienic arts and music and it keep bouncing ,I think he's e-mail has been changed.I'll get there ,I believe.Tomorrow I am going to New York to help my nephew move some of his stuff.I feel bad for him too.Downsizing ,That is why somehow I need to make lots of $$ to help the rest of family..They all need help and I am wishing always thtat I can help them all in any ways ..............SOON

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