Saturday, October 3, 2009


So I was doing all my running around yesterday and my feet brought me to the pawn shop with no plan of going there at all.They're expensive and I don't have the $ to spend .I look around anyway.I spotted a keyboard and the price.As little money I have in my pocket I can buy this keyboard.There's six keyboards there and it looks as good as the rest. It looks powerful and good looking + it is tutorial.The guy plugged it for me.I played a few notes and I said,....SOLD !It tells you the note it's playing and it has rhythm section and different 87 tones and loud enough for the house.The one I had was defective,...and now broken.I bought that from Ebay for $25 and only used it for two months and died .That is what I get for buying these cheap stuff.The story of my life he,he..But I am always given a Gift,...My partner knows I want to buy one to study and learn the notes and keys so at least I can say I know a little and be able to show what I am talking about.....Need it for the Project.In short; I managed to get a keyboard for the price of a couple of 2 six pack.Again a very inexpensive unit.Hopefully it will last longer .If not ,..then we buy one again .Maybe not this time....It is like,.....For meeee ??? I am still baffled why the price of that is that low.I have been using it and been jamming for almost two days now and it is very educational for me.I'll just get the pro for show later on.I don't have to wait to study now.It was provided for me...Tell me I am not blessed.So far it is good ,it's performing great and teaching me a lot.

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