Monday, October 26, 2009

a Monday

It's now Monday and I am still in the same boat ,.....Looking for work in all the wrong places.$ are very hard to come by.what. I have has to go a better things to take care of loved one./BUT ! everything will be OK , it is just temporary .I am waiting for that wonderful check that is coming my way. My miracle is coming .I decided that I will get my self a piece of a rock as my gratitude piece ,that every time I touch it,....I say thank you for every thing I have and to be grateful for every single things I have .That I have millions more than othersthat I was given more GIFTS than I can really think of.How fortunate I am to be able to have more than three times saved to be honest.My love one will soon get her freedom back and Freedom start for good and better things in life is coming ,a promised from the most HIGH.I am hoping I will get my internet back today with the help of a friend.I was at the casino last night to see Paul Anka .He still doing great and with a wonderful voice still,very good PR.We had dinner and play a little poker and came out ahead and went back home ...I picked up my book today .I will try to read more starting today and make myself better and educate more of myself.I am still playing around with my new keyboard and learning more .Still debating on how I am going to introduce my INSTRUOKE.I need to make a plan and get it started.I am running out of idea ,I need guidance .I really dont know what to do at this point.THINKING....................

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