Sunday, September 20, 2009

crashed and virus

Bili na po kayo ng GITARA............All Instruments soon to come +
Sound System He,he,he.....what is the odds on that huh ?...... desk top crashed and lap top caught virus almost the same time.Glad I can still use it for the internet and play music.It won't take anymore download or sometimes it will just die.Just lucky that I am still writing this ...I can do this but I won't be able to do anymore of my work but just read the email and play music and use this as regular speech therapy notebook and CD/DVD player.I met with the Atty.and we are just going to put protection in my works and put the dates when it started.I don't have the funding to put an application for the patent,I just want proof, I was the first one to come up with it...He will answer to all the question they might have about the product both Gifts and Instruoke.My lap top now I know,can't attach any uploads at all. It won't open any programs from the documents or any kind of attachment.......It's good I can still put images ....I was lucky enough to be able to upload one song and posted to Facebook before it died this afternoon .I least I manage to show a single song to some of my family.I was so proud of that creation of mine ...........For now,.... I would like to ba able to start again with the Beatles music There is a lot of favorites and hits of the Beatles that has not been played at all for the last 20 years and get it out there again for the young ones to hear and learn.The only ones they know are the ones they hear on the radio,very few.There's hundreds of them...I'll try to get it out even if it is my own version,they don't like it ,......GO HOME ! he he he he he..............I manage to put a video bar on the side ....Featuring The Beatles ....Get Back and George Harrison's Something + the PSP's new game "The Beatles Rock Band".........check it out.........

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