Wednesday, September 30, 2009


All day,Brainstorming on who I need to talk and will understand and will see the potential of what I have.It's all I been doing .Who to talk to.I have in my list.The director of New London Hygienic arts and music ,The owner of Caruso music store,Bar and Restaurants owners.The owner of Ron's guitar,The manager and owner of Neffs production...I narrowed it down to Barbara Neff of the production.She has all the expertise,marketing ,the production itself,the settings,instruments and components,the know how and the access to the town; she is in-charge of the towns entertainment and the right person to talk to.The only thing I need to do is get my self to talk to her and make the appointment and get my self ready to do the presentation.How to present my creation....I have to write it all down and memorized,....not really,....Just the things I have to say to get her interested in my creation.It would be better if I have have everything I need for the presentation to make it more interesting.I have to make this happen if I want what I am looking for....Visualize.I want this more than anything.I have to ZERO in.............................

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