Saturday, September 12, 2009


INSTRUOKE . It's a made up word ,to me,.. it means singing with instrument and with group of people participating....Like Karaoke but with instruments this time.I have been trying to put this together for the longest time .I can't seem to put the funding together to have a better program and I am not really savvy when it comes to computer +I am using very low technology.I just have the talent and know how ?I have songs that is already complete .It needs enhancement but they will get the idea.but if I can get the components that i need ,it will be easier to introduceI was able to make 3 songs while I am in my bed of recovery.I got so lazy from doing anything. I did not want to move unless I have Dr.'s appointment.I can't move around too because of lack of funding .Time is not working with me right now but we'll get there.In the meantime I am training for something that I can feel.I've been getting these misfortune in my body for a reason.I had bells falcy.It's all better now except the numbness on the left side my face but I think I am speaking better too .I just have to keep up with my speech therapy.My problem is my voice period.......I can't sing.The injuries did the best of it .Ayaw akong pakantahin,masyadong magaling The best that I am hoping for now is to get my self the sponsor and the funding for Instruoke.I cant do much right now but wait and recuperate.Feel better and stronger.Hope to have all this medical activities finish and get my self the inheritance I am looking for.This song I am working on now ,...MY3 a happy song if I can get it right.A christian song .This so called friend of mine is helping me by correcting the words,She changed some of the words for my Trust,Believe and MY3.I just hope she is using it .Of course I want to hear my songs and how it sound.I can't even send her the audio,that's how low my technology is.I am sure if she hear the way I sing it,even if I am just reading or humming,... she might use it .I want to get started with these Beatles trend and start introducing all the oldies songs I know and have them hear them all over again The are only playing very selective songs and they have hundreds of beautiful songs and I know how to play at least 60% of their music and I don't how to introduce the music and where to start .I know I am not ready to play in public.I can't even speak right ,let alone sing.....MONEY ! Sorry to mention this again but that is the only way I can get this project out.Anyway,.... lets go back to my song writing .the first song happen while I was going through with this difficulty with Maria and then a song was born ,the second was just going through things and my Ate Fe said the words of All I do today.The 3rd one is just words that I read and put together .I am hoping I can make more but,...I'll know that my3 will take me there and will guide if it's my calling. Geez!!! I am this young and I am looking for my calling still.He said I will get the guidance that I need.If not then I have 3 songs that I like very much that I made my self...and it is mine,mine,mine!!!!! Wait till I get these misfortune of mine finished and it will come out naturally.I can't even open my mouth now because of this little test.

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