Monday, September 14, 2009

a gift

My angel jamming and playing guitar .It looks very inspiring.I call this song My gratitude song for The Most Blessed Trinity for every thing that he has done for me.I really do think it is a gift from Most Blessed Trinity that I am able to do this.The Holy Spirit is guiding me .I put together all this words I see and read .Pick out the right words .I have this melody in my head and just record with my camera. I have my self a new song as I mentioned earlier.It's the song I have playing and singing and I can't get it out of my mind.I call the song MY3 Now If I can get this music out in the open .I have to wait till I have my new PC to get this going.I managed to make one Instruoke song "My3" that I am now using in my lap top.I am now working on the second one, All I do today....a short song with lots of jam .sounds different every time I play it.I am trying borrow my brother Rey's camcorder so I can records the new songs and try to put it in you tube but just the words moving .I'll see if I can upload it ib another site for new original song competition.

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