Friday, September 25, 2009

All over

Been running around like a lunatic looking for places I can introduce my music ???Looking for place in all the wrong places.I have been singing all Beatles music and started all over again and enjoying it.I have been checking this Beatles rock band game and it is just like Guitar hero ,the format is the same.I know I have a chance on this creation of mine .It is like introducing a talent show specializing on just singing and instruments.I am going to start sending out letters the appropriate people again and see what happen.I went to one of the radio here in town with of them calling or e-mailing me and never heard from them,somehow I was glad they did not get in touch with me because right after I was in the Q105 radio station and trying to register for the talent contest .I woke up the following with Bells Palcy.Again ,....what's the odds huh ..So here I am again like I said ,....start all over.I can't make any more song because my PC died and can't upload any song I did ...I have 3 christian songs of mine ,3 Beatles songs with original soundtrack and 16 selection of classic rock and roll with my guitar and voice ? and some original soundtrack .I guess I t is good enough to start with ..Like my angel guitar?

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