Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12 songs

I have now twelve songs in my belts in youtube ,I have more,...but like I said earlier I don't know if I can post it because of the original soundtrack.....I have that 3 Beatles song I want to post but afraid to to get caught and be charge of copyright infringement ika nga...Don't want either Paul or Ringo coming after me personallyhe,he,he...GEEZ that is all I need .....I will just wait for the New Years to ring in ,maybe I'll get a new idea and have all this out in the open .I have been just staying home not doing much of anything.CAN"T !.Maybe someone will see my posting and realize,....check this out ....and there ....I don't know what really is I need to do to get this out........I am staying home again today ,my car is not really in good moving condition.I have a fuel problem too....I believe that 2010 will be my year and all this dark clouds will soon be gone ......

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