Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am trying to do all theses and it is not working I tried so many times but I don't know what is wrong with my PC but it just keep going around and around and I am thinking it has been uploading does not upload or I really don't what it is I am doing.I managed to do 4 songs and that is it.I was through youtube and checking out all the similar posting of songs there is few karaoke songe almost similar to mine and to compare to them ,...I am ashamed now to even have posted my songs compare to those ones posted ,.... They are clear,easy to understand and synchronized....+ my voice don't help.Nobody even come visit or give their comment TSK-TSK-TSK...It is that wrong but I don't care,...I can't really dwell on that ,...I am OK ...They don't freaking like it ,....too bad ! That is all I know .I am not really that savvy when it comes to computer but I am trying to get it out there.

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