Tuesday, December 22, 2009

have ur self a merry lil xmas

I am happy,... I managed to change what I had in my FB page ,video of the Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and the original INSTRUOKE ???I have been re-searching the regular Karaoke and mine looks like*@#$%@#$ looking .Anyway I was really embarrassed having put that in my page ,probably laughing at my work ,they are just family and did not say anything ....but ! don't care ...It is all fix now and I am able to have upload a much better one .I will stick to the old one for now and work more on the one with an image or a video.I have checked on it a few times and played the song and it seems OK ...I have put the one with no sound and for them to follow and play and sing along .The highlighting looks good and synchronized and just have to do your own style.
And have yourself a .....................
Merry little Christmas NOW !!!

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