Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am doing good the last 3 days by just trying to upload some of the music INSTRUOKE I made.I managed to upload some in you tube and in return I was able to transfer to face book. Have your self a Merry little Christmas and All I do today(self) w/o sound and the original Have your self a Merry little Christmas with just words and guitar chords.I was going to put Beatles music too but I don't know,... I could get in trouble for that because of the copy right.I am trying to upload one of my songs now,..MY TRINITY .I am really having difficulties with uploads .I just leave it alone after but as far I know I am doing good.I have four now I even have the song I uploaded a year ago and don't even know about it "LOVE SONG"by Elton John and Smiling by James Taylor I saw these set up in Blue Mountain when I was in Canada last Fall ,last October....exactly what I have in mind for music entertainment.

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