Friday, December 25, 2009


Yes this is what it's all about .Celebration of CHRIST.I am with the Xmas spirit but I really don't feel celebrating,....My heart is with the program and I feel the spirit ....My daughter is suffering and here I am having such a blast .I will wait till she is around and then I will have the celebration I need .Getting her freedom back is a celebration already for me but for now I will just be thankful I have my sanity and she is safe and I am able send her what she need.I will get my turn and have my celebration of my own ....I love my sibling's and all but they have they're own thing's that they have to do and they're own family to take care off and I can't really rely on them.I really would like to have my FREEDOM so I can maybe help them in any ways I can.I managed to post the Birthday song for JESUS song ....I actually just posted the song My 3, the new and improved... my Trinity ,Maybe I am doing this all wrong or it is not really good enough and I am just wasting my time thinking I have something good? Maybe it is all in my mind....For now HO -HO HO HO ..MERRY CHRISTMAS..........

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