Monday, December 7, 2009


Seven gifts for the my gift..seventh day of December and still don't know what i need to do with my self..... I have been just screwing around with this project of mine because I am not doing anything but just sit around. .Like I said I really don't know what it is I need to do now .I know I need to get my self someone to straighten out my program and make it better.Get my self a programmer and correct my project.I know I need to show it and get peoples opinion but I don't who to go to now or who to show it to ....Most of the restaurant and bar in town are either closed already or closing ...I am trying ,..I even get to the point I am lying to myself.Looking for things that I can do. This lack of funding is not helping either.I am not complaining ,...just telling a story.Have to get my self together.My priority right now is my daughters welfare and that is number one.Hoping the beginning of the year everything is going to change for the better .Get my Maria situated and work more on my Music project and concentrate on The Beatles music

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