Tuesday, January 5, 2010


YEY !....... imagine that.It was so cold outside .I went out to mail my daughters package and some magazines for her to read for her trip and and I went straight home.I'd rather stay home than be out ...too cold .I started working on my music and decided to start with IF I FELL .It took me a couple of hours to complete the first song but,...I enjoyed making it.I have not done any song with the original sound track for a while .It's much easier than me making and trying to sing and record and take of video of my beautiful self and typing the song ans synchronizing it after and re-taking video of it ...it's a lot of work but ! I Finished it and proceeded to another one and then another one ....WOW !!! I finished three songs in one day ....That is a new record for me.Nowhere Man and then WAIT .I now have six songs .my target is to have at least a dozen but the songs I have in my list is now incomplete .I don't have the rest of the songs I listed.I have to get by with what I have or buy the rest of the CDs.I have the complete but only plays and can not record or copy....I'll keep searching and maybe I'll find a way and get it from a different site....

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