Friday, January 1, 2010


First day of 2010.....I am back to the same exact thing I am doing yesterday ....No difference ,just like another day like yesterday only they call it a year ? .Same thing !What I have to do is concentrate to get a new something that I can make $ with and change this cycle I am in and change the future of my children and my self ...I am working more on this project of mine .I am hoping I'll get this out in the open and hang out more.NOW ! My new piano /keyboard is now dying on me,,,,,again!This is what I get for trying to save $ and buying things from these places like the pawnshop.....I was able to use it for a couples of months and
died.I was so happy because it was tutorial and very in-expensive and looks good.But....Now ,I a have to buy a new one .I was getting good at it.I managed to learn the exercises and few chords and a few songs even singing my own compositions...

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