Saturday, January 2, 2010


Let it snow ,let it snow,let it snow,....has been snowing since New Years eve,...has not let up...Tired !,...not of the snow but just digging up my car .First one was almost 2 feet and the rest are all up to six inches at least.It is snowing hard now.My automobile needs a set of new rubbers and I can't risk driving around with what I have now.I don't of anything right now but my sanity and my GUIDE .I am never alone ,it just I have been staying home so much because of lack of funding and would soon change. Hoping to change that real soon and looking forward to seeing my daughter very soon.Hoping she'll call me today too to at least greet me a Happy New Years so I can talk to her and ease my mind knowing she is safe.Everything will be good.What I can do is just play guitar and try to compose a new song or just work on my Beatles music project.

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