Monday, January 18, 2010

another lovely day

I am still humming the same song for three days now trying to get the perfect guitar chords for it .Well,....I had posted it in my facebook pages anyway.I didn't care even if it does the wrong chords ,They 'll figure it out ....actually I do and I care...I just have to re-post it ...because I took it off after a few days .I don't know but i don't understand this family of mine sometimes .I don't get any kind of feedback at all except one or two from my friends but never my family ...BUT ! I understand and that all it is to it ,.....I think they kind'a embarrassed of me and what I am doing so ,.......... but again, hey !!!I am going back to my Beatles Instruoke and work on this last one I have been working on"I've just seen a face"

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