Sunday, January 10, 2010

All my loving

I was working all day yesterday,I was able to do "all my loving and "honey don't" but it took me the whole afternoon to the 2 songs. Specially the honey don't part ...I was patient and took my time till I got it right ?.I have it now in a flash drive .... all Beatles and couple of M5 's" Sunday morning" and "this love " That should be enough and be named Beatles Instruoke collection + huh ? I have about 14 songs in the drive including M5's so that 's enough to show to sing & play .It is all favorite and known Beatles songs ...I'll be making more .I have one brewing now ....Get back,... this one specially challenging .I worked on it the rest of the night. I am going back and forth and still unhappy with my work so I just left it alone and work on it in my better days .It is very frustrating trying to do the synchronization and every time I do it ,'s wrong or I am playing catch up. So I gave it up for a while and will come back to it ,........sometime ?? I don't work on Sundays, is Sabbath day...........

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