Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st sunday

And it is still snowing,has not stop yet.I managed to upload my very first praise song Trust,Believe.It happened during my darkest hour and having anxiety attack and at the time. I had to get therapy for the next year...and this tune was in my head and learning more about my Creator.This is the time I said Wow ! I am now a composer of a very good song .HE,HE,HE...Today will be the day that turn things around.One of my FB friend help me change it all around which made it understandable better....The melody is all mine .I just have to wait and see.I have learned a lot yesterday about what I am doing .I have to change a lot of things in all my ways and not do mistakes and wrongs.I did not know that I am dragging my self down and I was being LAZY for the last decade almost....What a waste of time.I have to find myself work and support my self and provide for others.I have been hoping I will get this project out in the open and make $$ out of what I am doing.First was my gift and then my music project..It is now almost four years and have not made a single dime...I probably spent more than ten thousand dollars on both of these project not including the trips and lawyers and expenses and nothing to show but !!!!!I guess I just to go back to work.What kind of work do I get now with a very limited education I have.My cooking can only get me prep cook and that is it,........ unless I get my own restaurant which is a ??? I can use all the break I can get .I am not even ready to go back to work because I need more surgery in my face .One last surgery and it should be done.Guaranteed or not for me to get better....I am done.Right now I need to be able to get a job for I have to make sure Maria has a place to stay and I will be able to send her to school and provide for her.I owe her that much .My priorities ???? my daughter and to make sure I get this music project out and see how it will work.....And they will like it.
By the way ,...that is me being cool with my new coxx les paul

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