Monday, January 11, 2010

Get back

I am still working on my "Get back" song.....I am not a perfectionist but I can't get it right...I have to have it right,at least have it synchronized right and moving right....I just have to make as much Beatles songs in my youtube channel to make it look good and looking like it is a regular song book.I put the rest of my classic rock and roll away and put away in CD's .It's killing my Computer with all the songs I have in there .Multiple songs that is just sitting there.I have to put the rest of my Beatles songs too once I have enough.What i'll do is put 6 songs per CD so I have my computer clean always and doesn't have all this file sitting around.I really don't know what it is I'm doing when it comes to this setting up my youtube channel or having this blog set up except sometime I'll get lucky and get it right .I was able to connect my blog now to all the songs and that makes me happy,......he,he.....

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